Mars in Pisces – True Colors


This time around Mars is transiting Pisces and it seems to be pretty colorful development in the lives of people trying to distinguish the subtle nuances of reality in the quest for revealing the true colors of life.

If anybody is capable of seeing through the pack of lies and putting on a cape made of lies for the sake of protection in a sort of cameleon role-playing game than it is Mars in Pisces who doctored it.

Be smart. Things have not been as they seem for a longer while now and every word counts as the paybill for the sake of accomplishing a goal. 

This colorful Mars in Pisces is about to dive into the sea of colors and take a ride through the well known marine territory of various lurking sea creatures whereupon the chain nutrition rules demand you better become a shark to avoid getting eaten up or you might as well be a scooba diver exhilirated or curious enough to explore the underwater rules of habitat.

Mind you, Jupiter in Sagittarius is a challenge. “Look but don’t touch, touch but don’t taste, taste but don’t swallow” just to remind you that on your way to your financial, spiritual, personal freedom and salvation from the valley of shadows you have to establish a purpose and higher cause before you meddle into the realms of perfectly organized underwater world of naturally selective predators versus all those wonderful creatures that make the beauty of the Ocean.

First you would have to learn a set of rules of behavior Jupiter reminds you of, previously confessing the motive of disturbance of the natural paradise that represents the nature of the soul in all the art ever made, explaining yourself for it, takong a bow and announcing the duration of the visit.

However, in case you realize you just don’t belong to the underwater world for you might experience troubles with your oxigen tanks or it seems that the pressure is too high than you might discover this excursion was not for you after all. Deep waters demand high focus amd stamina so make sure you are in good shape.

Emotions and the ocean drive. 

However if you are persistent enough to find that mythological Poseidon and witness the golden trident right there,  take a great care. The very Poseidon might get mighty angry and stir the waves causing the tectonic disturbances in rage unless your heroic motives are pure in faith for the sake of aquiring worldly wisdom. In that case you might get endowed with the pearl of wisdom, yet still being kicked out on the shore. 

Don’t mess with the Poseidon or the golden trident might end up stuck up in your buttocks and you might as well end up as a dish of a portion of barbecue.

Mind you, you have to know exactly what you are doing for you will be asked questions to choose your Saving Grace and stick to just one wall on the way of our of the labyrinth. In any case you should keep quiet about what you have seen since Mighty Silence would be your Truth and Deliverance.

If your clarify your vision into the clear perception of all the veils of illusion on this Ocean ride you might as well see the seven wonders and find the life’s True Colors.

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