Retro Venus in Scorpio – Living on the Edge

Edgy, manipulative, truth-seeking, extreme, rolling-in-the deep Scorpio might spice up your love life as well as your creativity and values into a rollercoaster of drastic, radical impulses that altogether shake up the system of values as well as your love life thus pushing it to the extremes. In the light of the recent direct mode of Pluto, now would be the time to draw the bottom line and summon up the resources on the battle-ground where you might be called upon to win the ultimate battle of energetic survival. For the next forty days you might have the feeling that love is a battlefield where the libido as the overall psychological energy, according to K.G.Jung, is at stake. The challenge would be diving in beneath the surface and grasping the truth about oneself as well as the world thus clarifying one’s own shadow instead of chasing it. You might find yourself in the middle of some Fight Club movie whereupon you might be challenged to face your own truth of the heart and overcome the inner conflict that is being projected into your love life. It is your personal power at stake. Living on the edge.

You might feel charged with high emotional voltage , aroused sexuality and tension so that you might experience outbursts of passion that may be varying between the extremes of ultimate love up to the greatest animosity. Emotionally trigger-happy and impulsive you might feel you are being driven by emotions more than usual thus fiercely expressing overwhelming blows of passion in the way you could regret later.  Edgy and dramatic more than usual, the emotional experience might seem to be life-and-death issue with the uncompromising attitude in the intimate relations.  All seems to be black or white, you might feel you want it all or nothing, the taste is somewhat bittersweet, it hurts but you are loving it. There is a call for transformation of the approach to the loved one or relevant people, for purification through burnout of extreme emotions that lead you to overcome the old patterns, to destroy and re-create. You might have the feeling that you have had enough, that you are fed up. Sick and tired. Cutting edge emotion, definite decisions, radical change. What has to be the result of the turmoil of this rolling in the deep is the emotional rebirth. Coming clean in all relations with people is the way to go.  It seems like moving within the extremes of impulses provides the essential insight into the affairs of importance and there comes the truth as the bottom line.

This retro mode of Venus is a step back in the game enough to realize the truth about yourself as well as of the people that have taken part in your love life as well as your life in general and shaped up the reality of your situation sometime in the past. The real challenge is to grasp the essentials , to surgically cut through the Gordian Knot and to set free from entanglements thus moving forward with clean slate thus putting everybody to their own place. Mind you, Scorpio is a natural researcher who strives for knowledge and wisdom thus putting people to various tests in order to reveal the truth about everything.  By taking a step back in the game, you might realize it was a sheer test after all whereupon they all showed their own true self and you have got all the answers it takes for you to be happy. Go on, make a breakthrough above the manipulation and vengeance and try to overcome the clinch by grasping the big picture and move on towards the equilibrium of your own happiness.  Scorpio rising above the basic instincts and soaring into the heights of the spirit in the realms of Eagle is exactly a hero who is perfectly capable of reaching the Almighty Truth enough to realize the Life Purpose. Through the re-establishment of the system of values to guide you, you might ultimately define the priorities in the seemingly black-and-white world where you are being called upon to choose a side and do a heroic act of taking an attitude of a Holy Warrior.

What might come naturally is the revelation time by raising awareness on motivation of your own as well of the people in your life, along with a major conclusion subsided by the facts you should update yourself with. It might prove being hard to win your own freedom from various influences, however this retro mode of Venus might draw you back to a point where your battlefield evolved from whereupon you might realize it is a matter of the right frame of mind enough to walk away from it. You might find out it would be the best war strategy to leave all your enemies eat each other up  and down to the bone whereupon you leave the stage with all the answers all but for yourself enough to be happy with yourself in case you have played your cards right. If not get used to Living on the Edge.


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