Jupiter in Capricorn – Karma Reward


In the light of the global planetary flux of a sort of a  cross-examination and a unique test of sustainability of all the existing systems as well as the system of thinking on the individual level this transit of Jupiter in Capricorn wills not  obligatorily bring a sort of a blessing, however it might represent a sort of a karma reward for everybody who has been investing into self-improvement thus developing the system of thinking that passes the test of utility and  functionality with respect to all the demands of the contemporary global issues. Naturally, it might not be apparent or beneficial to all the people who have not proven the utility in the test of time. Still, reviving the classical and traditionally proven patterns, in the light of a modus operandi, stands for the blessing in the process of incorporation of the real values into a modern world in the undergoing development of Babylonian flux of influences whereupon only the systematic, well-designed and planned approach with calculated risks that has proven the utility and provides the workable solutions stands the chance of obtaining the benefit of Jupiter in Capricorn as the most positive influence in the form of a blessing and realization for the sake of a general progress.

In the psycho-dynamics the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn might tackle the personal issues that require healing and generally this mild energy of Jupiter might bring the overall sensation of comfort in the process of overcoming the deep-rooted suffering caused by all the issues such as fears, complexes, prejudice or difficult experiences generating pain now getting soothed and healed if treated properly by providing the general insight into all those issues. Generally, people might become more aware of all the personal issues that demand dealing with in the form of a psychotherapy or various forms of contemporary treatments. This transit is almost a finger pointed to all the issues that demand resolution for the sake of overcoming the existential problems being the consequence of unresolved psychological issues. By means of coping with intra-personal issues the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn might turn out to be beneficial. The healing and finding comfort emanates from raising awareness and bringing all those issues to reason whereupon only the conscious approach of putting the pieces of the puzzle back in place might provide the soothing effect.

For all the invested efforts into self-improvement and personal development, for all the hard work and careful planning , systematic approach in finding resolution of life issues this transit might prove to be a karma reward and sort of blessing in the form of realization of any kind of success individually sought after. Success, being the relative category will be the natural positive consequence of all the hard work invested into finding resolution of individual issues with regard to the utility and demands of the contemporary world aimed for salvation of mankind in all its forms and possibilities.

Individually, the overall sense of accomplishment comes from the realistic comprehension of all the individual capabilities vs achievements in the individual history as well as the realistic overview of all the ambition or striving for success. For all those that have reached the standards of success and proven to fulfill the demands of the contemporary world naturally bringing the realization of all the individual efforts in the process of hard working and carefully planned management of one’s own individual  ambitions this transit of Jupiter might also bring a karma reward and a general breakthrough.

Most importantly, in the light of the influence of Saturn that represents a system of thinking still being exposed to a sort of a test or a cross-examination for the sake of accomplishing sustainability and thus passing the check-up point of utility, validity, functionality and legislation this transit of Jupiter will be  raising awareness and placing all those individuals onto a next level of performance i.e. lifting them onto the top of the game. Basically, this transit of Jupiter will be mostly beneficial to already successful people, however for all those striving for success this Jupiter might bring a sort of blessing or healing of all the individual issues that require treatment for the sake of all the individual accomplishments and ultimately success. Good news is everybody stands the chance.

Regarding the nature of Capricorn namely controllability, self-control, distrust, awareness on responsibility for one’s own actions, scepticism, persistence and readiness for hard work there is a blessing in the invoking such traits in everyday life for the sake of fulfillment of this Jupiterian transit. Namely, it is advisable to enforce those traits as a modus operandi for the sake of gaining benefits of Jupiter. Still, for all those people who naturally nurture those traits this transit of Jupiter might prove to be soothing in the way to relieve the suppressed insecurity, relax the mind from a pressure and enable those individuals to enjoy life but most importantly to invoke the Faith into suspicious hearts and show them all that God’s will has the best plan for everybody.

Generally, Jupiter in Capricorn might put all the classical values into spotlight thus saving all the real values and incorporating them into modern world and the way of living thus proving to be indispensable for the development and the progress of the contemporary world. By questioning everything nowadays, classical education, tradition, classical art, exact sciences and all the classical heritage and rules of the game of our civilization that have also undergone the test of sustainability in the contemporary world prove to be the indispensable and irreplaceable in the modern way of life and  they represent the essential condition for the sake of salvation of contemporary man as well as for one’s own Karma Reward.


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