Venus Square Saturn – The Diamond Rose

Venus in Leo Square Saturn in Scorpio currently in the sky, as the crystallizing moment of the experience of love, the exposure of shadow truth that keeps prevailing upon the glory, the glitz, the happiness of the luxurious Venus that shines in the beauty of the pressurized heart kept silenced of the truth for the benefit of the doubt. At best, grasping the motives, the inner truth, the game set brings forth the rough cut diamond from the depths of the unconscious to consciousness glowing before the eyes of Venus in its brilliance like a Diamond Rose.

Mistrust, suspicion, insecurity, within the root of a fear on the way of spontaneous flow of emotion straight from the heart that wisely delays the moment to open and communicate soon to be cross-examined for the old times sake. Something to deal with. The personal shadow truth hides the shark of comprehension of self-preservation in the face of love, nowadays suffering from the reality of „Crocodiles in Venice“. Or at least what it seems to be in the co-existent frame of planetary influences that call for self-examination and self-improvement with the aim of realizing responsibility upon ourselves for hidden motives. What lies beneath the surface is the underlying test of the very same Venus for the sake of acceptance or refusal. The final resolution might be somewhat delayed after soon-to-be Retrograde Venus re-examines the test results along with the two more checking-up points of passport control along with the acquired lessons that precede the ultimate fulfillment.

The ground control of Saturn in Scorpio vs the Venus in Leo stands the test of reality that lurks in the way of  desire that keeps the haven warm enough. The past knocks on the door due to the Retrograde Saturn with the aim of measuring the merit of the ultimate happiness. Blessed are pure in the heart, this transit reveals to be in reality. Happiness seeks those who make no mistakes, otherwise there are always lessons to be learned until the rules of the game are fully respected.

Have faith. The aroused suspicion lurks on every step. Is he or she worthy enough, before you decide to be so, after evaluating the past enough to provide the passport for your love. Before making any judgments get on the train of introspection enough to set yourself free from your own restrictions that prevail you from being happy. Let go of guilt or a prejudice, awaken forgiveness, make believe you actually can be happy. You are the one to set yourself free from your own imprisonment in the labyrinth of self-imposed walls towards the glamorous Venus and her gift of true love. Could you be loved is the question for each of you personally to answer at this time. Are you free enough from the snares of the shadow to have the glorious bliss. Something to work on while the upcoming transit of Venus in Virgo evokes the self-improvement for the sake of liberation from the entanglements of fear that keeps you away from happiness.Have you played your cards right. Face the truth.

Eventually, the most important issue here is the self-worth and the awareness of one’s own personal value in the light of evaluating the Self against the world. The only way to fit in the frame of ever-lasting love battlefield is by raising awareness of your own self-worth in the face of the world that ultimately leads to realization that you hold the key of your own happiness in a way that only by attaining satisfaction and happiness with oneself, conceptualizing one’s own true value you are capable of being happily coupled. Since seeking happiness is not an outward but an inward process, only after you have successfully individualized your own value and accomplishing peace with yourself you become perfectly capable of gaining love. Venus in Leo Square Saturn in Scorpio feels like a superstar that needs to shake off the chills of the back in order to shine. You would agree, happy are the free ones.

At best, after passing through the valley of shadows to your own inner truth, at the end of your road, what you dig out from the depths of your own continuous personal development as a conscious effort on the way to liberation might be a bright shining diamond as the rain drop on the petals of the Rose forever purified and capable of being worthy of true love. This accomplishment of absolute freedom is the safe way to happiness that ends up with a tattoo of a diamond rose on your right shoulder with the wings telling the story of the those flying free in harmony. The Diamond Rose.

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