Venus Conjunction Jupiter in Leo –The Love Divine


On 30th of June 2015 the rare phenomenon of conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Leo creating a Superstar in the night sky, is believed to be Bethlehem star from more than 2000 years ago. This conjunction seems to be even more powerful since it occurs in the sign of Leo that represents the very heart, the true self, the golden stone of wisdom in Alchemy known as Philosophers stone. It represents the Divine Love that shines in all the pure hearts as the Divine Blessing whereupon the truth, faith and hope evoke forgiveness in order to purify all the troubled waters that have run through our lives. The Faith guarding us all, thus providing salvation. It is the moment of wisdom, the moment of overcoming the weight of difficult experience, the moment of purifying the heart and soul thus finding peace. It is a Heavenly blissful moment that treasures the experience of true love. The moment of freedom for all the humanity or at least what it should be. The moment of peace. The power of Good calls for bringing forth goodness in our lives as something we owe to The Lion of Zion. Setting aside everything else, what takes the central stage in our lives, at least for a moment, is Love Divine.

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