Venus in Leo – The Heartspoken

Summer is usually the most exciting part of the year when planets are transiting Leo, the sign of the unreserved flow of mighty heart’s energy of emotion, joy, happiness. It seems to be the great time to embark on a relationship or a fling that might turn out to be even more important than it seems to be in the beginning. It is the time to forget the waging interest of Virgo or a suppressed domineering power games of Scorpio, but to just let go, enjoy the summer and be brave enough to trust the golden heart of Leo who has no fear and who spills the honey out of the hive of the bosom in the most glowing way ever. This year around it seems to be the drama free zone due to wonderful Trines with Saturn and Uranus in the following 20 days time whereupon there hasn’t been better prospect for potential courtship or expression of love to that someone special, especially around 20th of July when there might be long-lasting perspective for couples getting together or around the 1st of August when there might be some real sparking development ahead. In any case, Venus might make you feel you’re wearing your heart like a crown or you’re shining like a brand new superstar along with the Mercury coming to Leo in a couple of days enough to turn you on the frequency of the Heartspoken.

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