Jupiter in Libra – The Saving Grace


Jupiter in Roman mythology or the Zeus in Greek is generally the point of blessing, wisdom and consciousness that expands along with the nobility of spirit for all those who are dignified enough to perceive the frequency and  become worthy of its gifts. It takes purity of the mind, body and soul enough to have blessings of this Holy energy.

Libra is the sign of interpersonal relations, partnerships, social background, politics and love. It represents the 7th house of  publiciity, popularity, politics, marriage, partnerships and social relations whereupon Jupiter in transit through Libra, the natural sign of 7th house is about to clear up the area and hopefully clarify the massive confusion of the current Saturn Square Neptune aspect of misinformation in the set-up karma development when you could ask yourself what in the world is going on.

Well, for the sake of putting things right into place a great deal of self-improvement and outspoken truths need to take place. In the light of the Eclipse in Virgo that has initiated the process of rationalization up to the Eclipse in Pisces when the full circle has been completed, you might finally start to reveal answers of your personal game that you win when you solve the puzzle of yourself. It will take a while before the confusion and the foggy judgment is being replaced with the clear and undeniable facts.

If you are able to face yourself and the truth from the perspective of wisdom you might experience this revealing development as lifting the burning issues from the realms of subconscious into consciousness enough to realize your own motivational impulses that shape your instinctive reactions up to a point of rationalizing and raising awareness on your own behavior. If you do your homework of self-improvement and personal development whereupon Jupiter in Libra only channels the blessing of the outspoken truth through social interactions, you might find your way and regain the personal power enough to realize what you essentially want out of life and therefore move in the direction of realization of your plans. If not, you might feel entangled in the crossfire of influences and circumstances that essentially enhance the pressure upon your head until you start facing your own true motives and personal subconscious impulses enough to re-examine your information data, disillusion your personal convictions and clarify the objective state of matters enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Bear in mind that if you don’t drive your subconscious mind someone else does and if you strive to take over the control over your life, you have to raise awareness on your own true motives and re-examine your heart and soul for what you really feel as well as personal convictions for the sake of establishing the truth worthwhile of the blessing of Jupiter in Libra that ultimately justifies your personal choices.

In the world that is being exposed to a cross-examination of Saturn in Sagittarius whereupon you might experience massive manipulation  and set-up lies of the Square Neptune, it will take a little patience for a real state of matters to be revealed for the sake of making the right decisions. It is not yet the time for making big decisions or embarking on new enterprises until the massive fusion of influences reaches a checking-up point of Saturn that is about to level the karma where it belongs and justify the righteous path you might now feel blocked from some time next year. However, in the course of the transit, the Squared Pluto Jupiter might bring you an ultimate clash with your own freedom of choices in the sense of forcing you to deal with the oppressing entities up to a point of taking legal measures to defend yourself whereupon Saturn might support you later on with the right verdict of karma members of the jury to justify your own righteous path if you have made no mistakes whatsoever. However, it is going to be a tough year ahead up to a point of reaching the justice of Jupiter in Libra whereupon the victory is won.

Anyway, you might as well be cautious while embracing the tide of Jupiter in the apparently positive development until you pass through a Square Pluto aspect that might reveal a sort of set-up gaming you will have to play your cards right enough to avoid the severe consequences. Only after a year time you will be in a position to gather your resources and establish the frame of your manoeuvring space thus accomplishing success. No matter what the tide brings to you, be smart about it taking into consideration the big picture. It’s still the tricky year of the Monkey and Money makes the world go round after all.

What you actually can do for yourself in the meantime is to uncompromisingly speak the truth of your own conscience to yourself in the first place, stick to your own game and have no fear that your own clear face will reach the salvation through socializing, partnerships and publicity God is about to lead you through. Do not forget that truth cannot be hidden so make sure you work out your way the best way possible for the sake of your own karma benefits. What you might be ultimately endowed with in a year time is the blessing of the Saving Grace.


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