Supermoon Total Solar Eclipse In Pisces – The Power of Faith

Pisces are the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and thus represent the unity of experience of all the previous signs aimably with the purpose of gaining wisdom. Just aimably. Since the Eclipse occurs exactly on the 29th degree, that is the degree of the special psychic powers and it may evoke the third eye spiritual experience if You are elevated enough to clarify Your own thoughts, visions and sensual perceptions joined into a unique Truth. However, most of You might just feel perceptive and sensitive enough to sense the spiritual awakening and the feeling from deep inside of the soul that awakens hope for the best outcome. Every Eclipse is a turning point of the current trends and it could make a sudden switch of Your recent troubles bringing up faith as the greatest power of preservation or just leaving You in tears of wisely comprehended victimisation but even then keep in mind, not for a long time.

All the roads lead to Rome and the lessons that You need to learn, after a numerous repeating eventually lead to a breakthrough. Wise men say that intuition is the experienced hunch, however make sure You are not being misled by the sweet illusions of intelligent Mercury around dreamy Neptune square realistic Saturn, that just might tuck You in and prevent You from stepping out of Your comfort zone. Takes guts over fear to know the truth where the true power lies, with just a little workout on Your true motives, needs and issues of Your personality in order to get grounded in reality.

Self-awareness is not only an accomplishment of the spiritually evolved people any more, it is the characteristic of every modern man that is aware of the importance of self-improvement for the sake of contribution to the community, the very reason why we are here for. Individuation is just as likely to be indispensable for the contemporary man as a facelift or a gym. When You exclude the happenings in the outside world that just drain Your energy nowadays, You will find that Your center and peace within Yourself is the most important issue, only after You have trained Your mind to live Your own reality.

Who You are and what You are here for are the two most important questions that this Eclipsed Supermoon might tackle. Only then You might see the outer world irrelevant for Your spiritual growth. In the light of Uranus Pluto square the burning issue is to overcome the inner conflict that is preventing You from being happy and fulfilled thus apprehending the worldly issues that are only the result of Your energetic vibrations. Getting healthy is a matter of conscious effort to harmonize with the nature and the people by self-awareness, self-improvement and personal and professional development. That is how the progress is being made.

These are the times when the dark side seems to be eating up even logic and You mind find Yourself manipulated, but bear in mind that it is only due to Your fear or some psychological issue that You need to overcome. Spiritually enriched people always remain strong and if You engage Your mind into a game that You have to recognize around You , by playing fair You have to be a winner.

Mercury with Neptune Square Saturn along with the Eclipsed Supermoon and Uranus Pluto Square is a challenging time to see through the black and white paradigm and choose the right side enough to stick to the just one wall in order to get out of the labyrinth. The only thing that can set You free out of this entanglement is the Truth in Your own lives that You need to make out, just like the pearl in the shell of the ocean, having in mind that things are just not what they seem to be. You have to try to rise above and grasp the big picture, having done that only by knowing Yourself one hundred percent. At least, have Faith, since eventually God’s will prevails.

At last, but not the least, the position of Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Leo create the executive energy for clearing up the area by putting things, people or situations where they belong. The victory is a spiritual thing of the awakened that keeps the Holy Warrior going, always knowing that the wisdom of the righteous is to resist the temptation of going under the high moral criteria that represent the water jet for all that seek the easier solutions in sooner or later shattered illusions. Since living the truth is the revolutionary act, the only revolution there is is the revolution of Truth. These times require the fight for what is right, so make sure Your ace is the Power of Faith.

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