Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Justified & Ancient


This Total lunar Eclipse in Libra on 4th of April is the key turnover point, provided you get hold of the strings of your own position on the social scene, possibly in partnerships for the sake of reaching your own karma duty, by purifying your own heart, thus accomplishing the universal justice and karma leveling.
The celestial image of the Eclipse is pretty much edgy and tense with the feeling of makes-me-wanna-jump-out-of-the-wheel, however it is all a matter of finding the output for the pressurized situation you find yourself in, by accepting the truth of your own heart.

In the psycho-dynamics, the pressurized Uranus Pluto Square evokes some contradictory issues of your psyche demanding them to become complementary for the sake of healthy integration and overcoming self-destructive impulses that arouse tension, neurosis and stress. Make sure you understand the big picture of your partnership i.e. social background sector for the sake of finding the relief through the heart Chakra of Jupiter in Leo, where you may find the truth you need to face. The basic symbolism of Libra is Justice along with the position of Moon on a North Node evokes the necessity of justifying your own actions for the sake of reaching out for a decision in compliance with your karma duty. It is the time to figure out the motives for your past behavior and release the patterns that have driven you to the point of the ultimate conflict by accepting the simple truth of your heart, being the only way to get out of the mess.

This planetary frame implies to a unique purification of the experience in your personal history with the aim of the unique karma leveling and settling the score of the past. Alexander Pope, the English poet noted „ spite of pride, in earning reason’s spite, one truth is clear, whatever is, is right“ pointing to whatever the circumstances, the elusive big picture justifies the issues that have been troubling you for the period of time since 2012 up to now. The Moon in Libra calls for diplomacy, understanding and balance of your actions and your essential needs. Make sure you play for what you really want. In order to grasp your own inner truth, reexamine your motives, urges, ambitions in the perspective of your behavior and your mind -set.

Spotting the God’s will is the best way for reaching out for the fulfillment of your karma duty that considers the relief from the pressure of this utmost entanglement, tension and a sort of peak of the opposing energies between you and the world, with the aim of learning the lesson of harmonizing between what you essentially want and what you do about it.

Keep in mind that Saturn is in the Sagittarius so that the Karma wheel points out, with no mistakes whatsoever that the life,as ever, is being Justified & Ancient.


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