Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius – Strawberry Freedom


On 5th of June there will be a full Moon in the sky in Sagittarius along with the Eclipse  bringing the sensation of freedom or at least a break-free from a daily grind whereupon everybody should find a sort of a strawberry confort or a soothing mildness of energy of the soul. Sagittarius invokes issues of liberation and freedom however it would be a real challenge to make out the truth among all those misinforation and chaos of Neptune and Mars Square. The essential urge of Sagittarius to find the truth about oneself as well as of the world will predominantly drive everybody up to a point of at least feeling the truth if not being able to comprehend it. This strawberry feeling of goodness might lull us all into comfortable lies and illusions whereupon the Mars might invoke the rebellious spirit enough to make ua angry about it and set free from deceit  and trickery on our way to the precious Truth. This full Moon is about Strawberry freedom.

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