Solar Eclipse in Cancer – Home Boy


Solar Eclipse on Sunday tackles the issue of home, the soul, the mood of the masses. Every Eclipse brings the shift of the mood, the shift of the tendency and basically turnovers with repercussions in the following six months. Domestic issues, home literally and metaphorically emerges as the most important issue. The rise of the Soul and everything has to be done for the sake of saving our souls. It’s a big SOS for the world that is in grave danger of going astray. It’s the rememberance of the eternal promise calling for what has to be done to find the right path. It is the sensation of comfort, soothing the soul and washing it away with right choices, thus finding redemption and the salvation. It is the lotus flower in the swamp, the flower that grows beautifully out of the mudd that surrounds it. It’s the moment of realization of what is sacred and what keeps us going. It’s the safe haven where we find the strength and faith. It’s the home boy!


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