Retro Mercury – Pick Up the Pieces


Starting from 18th June Mercury goes Retro up to 12th July. Great time for a reset, restart of your machine and picking  up the pieces of the burning puzzle. Re-think the game, update the information and process the big picture mostly within the area of your intimate world, emotion and domestic issues. The time to answer all open questions and to think through the decisions and drawn conclusions. It is a sort of a checking point whether your mind set is being right figured. It is the time to figure out the reasons for all the issues in the spotlight, time to build an attitude towards the ongoing development thus facing thevreal truth about what has happened and what has brought you where you are. It is the time to make the frame of the game and establish the manoeuvring space by making a revision of the set-up of the game you are being required to think through. Pick up the pieces of the puzzle and get ready to roll with the right mind after important updates. Your system is ready for a restart.

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