Retro Mercury – Re-think and Re-set


Now that Mercury goes Retro the time would be to think clearly about everything. Retro Mercury occurs when we gain the frame of mind enough to know how to play however Retro Mercury always remind us to rethink and make sure our understanding is correct. Therefore in 25 days to come try to clear out the area by establisjing the very facts and general layout of your game. It is time to shape up the mind for the best possible workable solution after reset of the information data base that needs to be updated. Gemini opetates with information that just not might be clearly presented or acquired due to Neptune Square of misinforming tide of manipulative agenda so that it would demand the clear thinking on the facts and  development so far with up to date information. Logical approach would be the best way to establish the truth and form an attitude essential for further manoeuvring. Shape up your mind well along the most contemporary standards of living in the world such as perfection or universallity by rising above the events and working out the best possible resolution. Everything we experience is the projection of our spiritual, emotional, subconscious and conscious mind -set. Retro Mercury in Gemini would be the time to clear out wishful thinking or fearful misconceptions and find the straight line of general truth faced with reality as it is away from diverted and psycho-pathologically manipulated world, Run through the essential outlines and update the system by refreshing the approach. Famous objectivity of this sign and capability to figure out all sides if the story allows multiple perspectives to unite in one general underlying truth indispensible for success or happiness in order to avoid running around in circles and wasting time for exactly the mindset ultimately defines what you call a Destiny. Winning attitude contains the purity of mind in the light of well-established mindset so now you make sure you Rethink and Reset.

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