Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – Breaking Free



Generally, Eclipses bring the trend shifts that might even prolong up to 6 months. On 26th May there goes the full Moon in Sagittarius and the Lunar Eclipse. Liberating, adventurous, worldly, spiritual, open-minded this full Moon might be a real trigger for breaking free from everything that has been troubling us thus washing away the lower frequencies and stepping into a higher frame of mind. Spiritual freedom would be of the utmost importance and general health of the psyche that seeks the peace of mind. There might be wild outbursts though for Sagittarius would be of the pretty wild signs that hardly bears limitations of any kind. Try to rise above the confusion of Square Neptune and aim for disillusionment on the infividual as well as on the global scale, recognize the blind spot and refresh the mind with the truth.  This would be the great time for new beginnings that should last for a long long time. Saturn supports it. Step into the world of higher realms, purify and break free.


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