Retro Mars in Sagittarius – To Be or Not To Be



„To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them?“

This ingenious Shakespearean quote represents the very essence of the existential philosophy adherent to any man, ancient or contemporary. Namely, Hamlet’s flash of a genius in the moment of dire straights at the point in life when faced with the difficult circumstances reveals the most notorious dilemma of the human nature. Of course, this paradigm reveals the ultimate choice we all have to make when building the life philosophy and personal integrity for the sake of affirmation of the Higher Force i.e. the God’s will.

All the world literature is interpreting the manifestations of reality with just one goal – finding God, particularly in the times of Saturn in Sagittarius when the world is facing the crisis of „Anima Mundi“  i.e.  the Soul of the World and is calling for doing so. It seems that there are two ways of establishing a life attitude when facing reality: a holy warrior being the Jesus follower or the „wisely passive“ nobleman, in the words of William Wordsworth, thus cherishing the cult of Virgin Mary. Either you choose to fight for what you believe or accept the reality with the full faith in God’s will thus building wisdom, the ultimate aim is to find purpose. It turns out Hamlet was fully aware of the dilemma in the process of self-integration, each and every one of us is being faced with sooner or later.

Well, the time is now. The retro Mars in Sagittarius is calling for the re-examination of action so far, for the sake of making sure we actually know where we are going. It is not the time to make a breakthrough or action of any kind, it is the time for revision, revocation, interpretation of the past actions with the aim of working out the way according to the personal philosophy. Or at least in the endeavor to build one. Mars is Square Neptune at the moment, evoking confusion, illusion or vague circumstances when it is not possible to act justly. Soon enough, after May 27, it should be much clearer to surgically detect the truth, when in Scorpio, with the revealing development Big Time so as to put things in motion after June 29 when it goes Direct.

The Celestial screenshot at the moment is quite complicated and for all the justification of the ultimate demonstration of power and the successful management of personal driving force, there is a rising frustration of Venus close to Uranus Square Pluto, undermining all our sense of value and usurping the love life with manipulation and forceful demonstration. If You are getting impression that nothing is sacred to people any more and that all is allowed in war and love, mind yourself and your own true motives since the Saturn-Jupiter Square might turn out to be a unique wake-up call in the sense of accepting the karma consequence. Harmonize the subconscious with the conscious, raise awareness on who you are and figure out what you are doing. Above all, trust the Higher Power. The question such as whether what you are actually doing is what you essentially want or whether it makes you right although it feels good vs why doesn’t it feel right when you are doing good or why it hurts when you did everything right might enable you to seek answers in the big picture of the past choices and actions and in the higher perspective of how much it is being rooted in reality. Also, mind that what doesn’t kill you actually works for you in the higher perspective.

Namely, in all the planetary mash up of karmic devastation, personal childhood memories that have shaped you the way you have to deal with today for the sake of resolution of Uranus Pluto seismic activity Venus is being exposed to,along with the liberating impulses of Uranus that enforce an independent action you might think you have succeeded upon, what is being called for is the necessity of grasping the truth beneath the surface of sweet wishful thinking and essentially reconsider how grounded in reality you are for the sake of overcoming the snares in the jungle of every day life and passing the test of your life.

The beautiful grand Trine of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto enables you to  grasp the reality of your situation and manoeuvre on the ground level for the sake of accomplishing simplicity in communication, action and thinking. Mind you, what you cannot articulate well enough you don’t understand well enough, so that the Retro Mars just calls for a step back to figure out what you have done and what the name of the game is.

If you have already on top of the game and are waiting for the resolution in order to claim your prize, the Retro Mars time up to June 29 would be the time for relaxation along with ennoblement of spirit with good writers or good writing why not. Anyhow, the time is perfectly appropriate for shaping up an attitude in accordance with the life philosophy you are building, for purifying the spirit with good music, for creating the masterpiece of your life. Creativity is surely the best way to express the perspective of your own karma development and bring about something new to the world that has seen it all. These are the times of forging the spirit in the frame of global crisis when the best you can do is self-improve, study, explore the manifestations of God and invest your experience in becoming somebody new.  The best way to contribute to the world and to find the purpose of your existence, the only way to live. If you self-improve enough and dive in and out high enough to the mind of a genius and reach the top of a diamond then your dilemma is a already resolved. It’s your call – To Be or Not to Be.




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