New Moon in Taurus – Simplicity as the Ultimate Sophistication



The upcoming new Moon in Taurus in a few days is calling for settling the burning issues by putting them on the ground level. „It just depends how close to ground level you are“ says the famous quote and the reality of your developing game is about to reveal the basic facts for the sake of resolution on a very practical level by showing the perspective, thus allowing you to make the safe move towards the firm establishment of the frame of your monoeuvring space.

Being entangled in the repercussions of the complicated business and intimate relations since 2012 that have enforced you to deal with your own shadow snares of the issues of the unconscious, now is the time to finally bring them to consciousness, grasp the reality of your situation, face the truth that you already know somewhere deep inside, thus showing you that the most apparent, logical reason is actually the right one. In spite of the complicated ways you have been searching the way out from, you might realize that the realistic outlook  reveals the simplicity of resolution that have been there all along.

You might realize that the entire entanglement might have been a projection of your own prejudice, fear or a complex, as the prevailing drive that has put you in a position where you are now. If you get down to basics with respect to the rules of the game, everything might reveal to you as the simple outlook on the fact that things actually seem a lot better than you initially thought they were. Moving around in circles, chasing your own tail for four years now might turn out to lead you to the first starting point where the things have originated from in the past, along with the experience of the full circle accomplished of your game.

Having been rooted in the nature of the very development,  the testings of the substantial basics of the initial game-set reveal the lesson of Saturn regarding the system of values and realization of your own true self-worth. Namely, the New Moon in Taurus occurs in the house of values, spiritual and material gain that results in the realistic benefit only after accomplished realization of the true self- worth. The overall evaluation of the individual personality versus the world, being the reciprocal process, eventually  comes down to having the true system of values incorporated into the material plan thus safely resulting as the material equivalent and the awareness of the value of the true self being the spiritual accomplishment in the first place.

In the frame of celestial aspects at the moment, the very realization seems to be well grounded in reality of the most important accomplishment of all – the affirmation of true values and the self-worth. Having that in mind, the lesson of Saturn evokes the facing with the conscience thus building the super-ego as the guiding light of reason that prevails upon the illusions of the dreamy Neptune. Nevertheless, these planetary influences enable you to safely incorporate the dream into the reality of your aspirations and ambitions that stand the test of your being worthy of them when daydreaming in solitude and wishing upon the star. It seems that your lucky star is your own purity of the heart that kept faith along with the intensive self-improvement you have been investing in yourself for the sake of realization of your own true-self, being the only way for your dream to come true.

Therefore, the award Higher Power has in stash for you comes along your way as the blessing of the hard-working personal and professional development throughout the years. Spiritually uplifting, the Moon in Taurus awakens the soul in its full glow to make sure everything is just all right, and the way it should be. The highest quality of the exalted Moon, after all the battles, brings forth the nobility, the goodness and the fulfillment of the soul, being able to feel the soul power in its way to salvation in the times of crisis of the „anima mundi“.  Essentially, what comes forth are the things that truly matter with this New Moon, remembering that there is only one way towards the well-being that reveals upon us in the words of Leonardo da Vinci as the Simplicity as the Ultimate Sophistication.



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