Neptune opposition Fixed Star Denebola – Covid Prospect



The exact opposition of  Neptune with fixed star Denebola in Virgo starting  off last March 2020 has been exact in several waves on 20-21 degrees Pisces. The last exact opposition was in March 2021 and it is happening again in September  2021 then again in November 2021  and closing off in January 2022. It is the aspect that descirbes global infectuous disease and the global chaos we face for one year now. After January next year slowly we should get back to normal and overcome the virus presence in oir lives therefore to take off the masks and get back to normal next year slowly but surely unless the opposition on 22 degrees Neptune in November-December 2022 hits again hoping we should be covid free by then. Saturn-Pluto in Calricorn has depicted the impact on economy and pathologically induced chaos however Neptune in  opposition with the important fixed star Denebola  on 20-21 Virgo has exacrly depicted the Covid and the pandemic. Gradually we will get through this and hopefully in exactly one year we should all be safe. Lets get well, be safe and healthy.



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