Supermoon in Scorpio – The Wolf Moon



Lone as the wolf. Alone in the universe mesmerized with one’s own thoughts. Ready to tear down whoever and whatever. The fierce and dangerous passions, basic instincts of killer Sccorpio ready to fight. There has never been a fighter like a Soorpio. This time around we might face up our basic instincts for survival. The anger, revolt, restless rebells against injustice might speak up in all of us. Scorpio is the fighter for justice and Scorpio is a professional. Like James Bond quotes regrets are not professional. Scorpio never makes  mistakes. And hates the weakness for it is the most powerful of all signs. Black and white world. All or nothing. Everything is still worth a fight. Endangered, opressed and isolated the wolf in all of us gets pretty angered wanting to fight for a good cause. The wolf shows the guts and howls to the Moon regenerating new strength and vigor. A little Scorpion can survive for 7 years without food and water. When they cut its tail there grows a new one. The most powerful regenerating force of Eros as the love for life speaks up. Howels to the Moon. Desire for life, the love for life. Burning passions and desires, the basic power of life raging in all of us. We want to live the way we want to. You can’t destroy us, This Scorpionic wolf licks its own wounds and always finds the strength to fight again. Always on the feet. Moon rules the psyche, the soul the instincts. It gets edgy it gets dangerous. The survival mode is pn. However higher type of Scorpio is the Eagle and Eagle rises above enough to prove the Victory. At least over oneself. In the equasion – to live or to die this Wolf Scorpionic Moon chooses to Live. Supermoon in Scorpio – The World is howling to the Wolf Moon. 

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