Mars in Scropio – The FireStarter


In the frame of co-existing aspects in the sky, after some time of pondering whether to be or not to be, Mars the Firestarter in Scorpio is about to provide a catharsis. Action takes place.

After brooding over the options, opportunities and the concepts of right and wrong, the decisions seem to be ready to be set forth into action. The cutting edge tendency of resolution of the burning issues is about to get a black and white perspective. Feels like it’s all or nothing. No middle ground, no compromise. “Armed and dangerous” as we might feel, we gain the new strength of winning our deal. Lucid and sharp minded, the fierce action sets the ultimatum as either the conquering or the self-defensive move. It is time to step into the arena and show what you’ve got along with Jupiter in Leo that demands the self-demonstration with honor,dignity and grace. The bravery of Leo along with warship of Scorpio may provoke a bold move. In case you need a wind in your sails and additional courage this may seem to be the good tide. However, bear in mind that only by true-heartedness of Leo you seem to get through the karmic checking-up point of Saturn in Scorpio for the sake of self-preservation. Time to get into the spotlight of your private scene of life and win the battle of your utmost endeavors and long-term goals. The atmosphere may seem to be edgy and charged with electricity and if you are getting into the conflict, make sure you are armed with the truth, since Saturn will filter the karmic outcome anyway, so make sure you don’t end up being on the line of jeopardy. If you are pushing forward with cutting edge attitude make sure there are no mistakes whatsoever. As the result of pushing the matter to the limit or just making sure the good cause is being pushed through, you may feel a unique catharsis of proving the point and winning the appreciation on the battlefield.  Keep in mind that vengeance is the deed of God and that all you can do is make sure you act like a pro and respect all the rules.  Mars, the Firestarter initiates the impulse for purification of „the basement“ i.e. all the layers of the psyche that have been suppressed and neglected into the expression of the utmost power to overcome the pressure of suppressing thus switching the mode outward by Jupiter in Leo. Whether you like it or not, the truth is coming out unstoppably, your own truth of the heart. Mars is making sure you win your heart’s desire along with the key word or Scorpio i.e. „I want“. Now you stand a chance to get it.

Mars in Scorpio denotes the boost in sexuality as well, supported by Jupiter in Leo and seems this is a good month for all that enjoy the passion coming from the heart and expressed through sexuality. It may be great time for love encounters, sparks, fireworks and you may feel erotic more than usual. The power of auto-eroticism that has been conquering the planet lately may get additional driving force enough to make you feel good thus enjoying yourself in feeling of love, whether you actually have someone or not. Enjoy it as much as you can.

Considering financial matters, Mars in Scorpio may be the great time to make sure you acquire additional finances by proving you are worth it, this particularly refers to Scorpios and subsign Scorpios who may be in a position of earned promotion, so that if you aim to embark on a position, go for it. Having in mind that energetic potential is the basic resource, make sure you do clear up, recharge and work out for the sake of well-being this month since now is the time for refreshment.

Sex and Power, as guidelines of Scorpio have become more massive driving force in the world , particularly since Saturn is in Scorpio, however make sure you find true power that every Scorpio will tell you about – knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. There is a potential in every Scorpio to become an Eagle thus gaining higher power, so make sure you focus on your personal growth during this transit so that the Firestarter brings you freedom by clearing up unresolved issues. True spiritual freedom, you would agree is the best way to victory.