Jupiter in Leo – Home is Where the Heart is


16th of July and on, Jupiter is transiting the sign of Leo for an entire year, implying to an interesting celestial  “show program”.

First, within the frame of co-existing aspects, as for the psycho-dynamics, all the suppressed, unresolved issues of Uranus-Pluto square such as liberating from hidden complexes, fears and layers of  tough experiences of the psyche grinded by the karmic events of Saturn in Scorpio need to be expressed and released through the heart channel thus providing necessary action for the sake of resolution.

You have probably felt additional vibe already lifting you up and giving you strength enough to express yourself. Masks are coming off, it’s the time to speak from the heart as the general output of all the turmoil that has been keeping you inside the box. Time to break free, embrace the joy of high power that moves you in the right direction. Action takes place.

As Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house of identity and self-expression this is the time to step on the stage and show who you really are. The basic drive is to make a unique life selfie of performance within the field of relevance. Knowing or not, now you just feel it.

The key lessons of karmic Saturn imply to self-improvement, building self-esteem with the emphasis on self-love and self-respect. Now is the time to demonstrate overall dignity as one of the basic characteristics of Leo and gain honor for expressing the truth about oneself after recognition and acceptance of one’s own identity. Realizing one’s own identity stems from the process of “purification of karma” i.e. becoming a better personality and finally making affirmation of the true self. Essentially, Jupiter in Leo allows us to  feel good about ourselves in a way that enables  our true identity to shine from within. At least it should provide an insight into one’s own true self in a way that abstracts all the illusions, pretension or acting. In the world of tricking, bluffing and faking it is time to be an original.

Only then we get the most of Jupiter in Leo since only by expressing the inner truth we are getting recognition and appreciation. Brave and dignified, by standing up and showing our best is the way to feel proud of who we are. For all the missed opportunities, pain and misunderstanding originating from the inner unresolved issues now is the time to win the battle with oneself. By setting oneself free from self-imposed boundaries , reflected by conflicts with people, failures or dissatisfaction,  we accomplish the most intimate spiritual victory that is in the base of free spirit being brave enough to face anything.

Thus accomplished, coming out on the stage of life is the only way to succeed in whatever endeavor we wish for.

Overwhelming power of Eros is inspires creativity in a way that should prevail over conflicting and destructive tendencies that has to be purified by the will of the heart, so try to focus on what you feel within yourself is right. That is the way to resolve any possible misunderstanding or a problem.

Largely speaking this transit influences areas of entertainment, television, theater, cinema so that the boost of contents within these areas is expected preferably enhancing the quality of performance. This is the time for great ideas and inspiration whereas the central stage takes high quality program that should convey the powerful message of the truth. Preferably. Any long-time brewing ideas might take shape since the creative potential is very powerful. These  are the areas of refreshment and soul food enough to keep the spirit alive in spite of everyday concerns.

The key issue of this transit is the profusion of what we can provide for this world in the sense of positively-charged urge for sharing benevolence thus accomplishing the feeling of happiness. The lion heart of the world is about to enlighten us with the wisdom of salvation. Home is where the heart is.