Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – Shake up

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – The overall energy of this Eclipse would be the “shadow” issues that need resolving that might overturn the psyche into an Eclipse of Mind. Self-Iprovement actually takes place when hero is under pressure being exposed to events beyond control thus being challenged to show their true nature. Shocking revelations, fierce energies, intensive emotions, moving within the extremes of tendencies and events. Moon rules the psyche as well as the instincts and we all might feel a little bit undershaken for whatever reason thus making us feel compelled to deal with our own “shadow” issues. God moves in mysterious ways and in the following six months we will be well tested for the sake of the intensive self-improvement, becoming the best possible people and earning salvation. Whatever happens keep in mind God wants us to constantly improve , be the best we can and have our names in the Book of Life.

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