Full Moon in Taurus – The Bull’s Eye

„It just depends on how close to ground level you are so get on the train of thoughts“ would be a slogan for upcoming Full Moon in Taurus that is about to awaken sensations of pretty much down to earth flavor. Edgy impulses of the urge for righteousness in the game of settling the score can make you a fireball of vengeance or an eager desire to make things right, however the blunt reality might strike you right in the face for the sake of gaining the grounded attitude backing up your own inner truth. It could be a turning point to your ongoing conflict between material and spiritual aspects of the game, so if you take your own little psychological workshop on the matter, you could really gain progress. Keep in mind who you are before taking any initiative. Ground control.

Sensual Taurus might also awaken the comfort zone enough to actually start enjoying yourself on a battlefield of any kind or just relaxing in allowing advantage to your senses and pleasure seeking desires. If you are planning a hedonist paradise from Thursday on, it could be a great time for improving closeness and intimacy of your relationship and generally overcoming potential intimacy issues that were keeping distance between you and your partner. Complicated relationships stand a great chance of finding the middle ground of simplicity and awareness of essentially most important issues and common bonds. You might also feel relieved by grasping the simple truth about your burning romantic issue that stands the overturning point in the black and white perspective.

Whatever the state of the affairs is, there is a spotlight on reality that actually might allow you to feel good about yourself if you take a positive stand of an essential point of view. Now is the time to do something for yourself and awaken the pleasure-seeking urge enough to feel the enjoyment of life thus finding satisfaction in simple things. Winning battles with style is an accomplishment that can bear fruits out of this transit. If you aim for the truth about yourself it might be a Bull’s Eye.

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