Eagle Realms Revisited

The time hasn’t been more relevant for personal development and self-improvement issue that is in the root of the spiritual liberation so indispensable for the accomplishment of affirmation of individualism and becoming an Entity. Freedom-seeking individuals know that the spiritual liberation considers breaking free from all the pressure, fear, complexes, opposing drives or self-imposed limitations. Knowing that, you would agree that the actual freedom essentially starts from within.

There is an Eagle in all of us. Scorpio knows it the best. This solar Eclipse in Scorpio on 23rd of October is to remind us to revisit the realms of the Eagle so as to dive within and grasp the inner truth. The key answer you need is concerned with who you are. Everyone is original, it takes a brood to figure out what personal stamp you carry along that makes you unique. Individualism can be an accomplishment that results in self-awareness ,after establishing the system of thinking that is independent and objective.

The inner quest of conceptualizing the inner self takes diving in beneath the surface into the realms of the spirit. Self-observation is a task of a contemporary man in order to establish the ground for fulfillment of one’s own purpose.
The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio refers mostly to reaching the inner truth regarding the relevant area of life. After reaching the bottom line, the only way is up to figure out the perspective. To rise above the earthly, material and transitional, above the passion and the carnal. To reach the heights of the spirit. To elevate the mind.

The Essence are the cigarettes. The Indian Vrischika holds the diamonds in the claws while flying in the sky thus carrying the message from the depths of the unconscious made conscious. With awe to the words of the Bible, you strive to improve looking up to the image of the Almighty. The potential for perfection lies in all of you and it is not unattainable. Takes a discipline of thought, focus and rationalizing of the state of matters inside and outside. Holy warrior knows the truth and the truth is the frequency, after you tune in to, you can never go back.

The end and the new beginning. Disclosure of events, the turning point. Overcoming all patterns, do not get carried along, drive along. The measure of dignity is to maintain control over the Scorpionic stoicism that is in the base of aristocratism. Icy hot unity of opposites can make a tiger out of you.

Arm with wisdom and patience for the sake of non negotiable salvation. You can outsmart the shadow and bear in mind that to exit from the labyrinth you need to stick to just one wall.
What makes ninja a perfect warrior is that ninja never makes a step back in the fight. Life is a battleground for self-preservation and evolution for the sake of personal and general improvement. The holy Scorpion Samurai raises the holy sward for the sake of preserving universal values thus defending the ultimate purpose. Responding to all the life issues with the tendency of making things right is a holy quest. Determination of the spirit to win the ultimate battle in black and white paradigm is the only way to victory. And victory is the confirmation of the Entity. Only then you reach the realms of the Eagle.

Fly high.

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