Astrology and Self-Improvement, Psychological Astrology Research

Astrology and Self-Improvement
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“Despite some decades since psychological astrology was born through Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Stephen Arroyo and others, we still do not see many new authors in the field… Bojana Sretenovic is a bright example, showing us that research in this field can show some positive new insights. Although it could go somewhat more in depth (albeit that would probably be limited by the scope of the book anyway) – the authoress showing she can surely do it – it presents guidelines for further qualitative writing and further in-depth exploration. Thank you, Bojana, and please do not stop now.”

Matjaz Regovec, Jungian analyst and analytical psychologist at IPAL (Institute for Psychological Astrology and Psychoanalysis Ljubljana)

“Astrology and Self-Improvement , Psychological Astrology Research is a set of articles expectedly compiled in a book. The author’s overview of the Saturn transit through the houses of Zodiac has aroused great attention of the readers of “Astrologos” magazine, where the articles were published. The descriptions  of the internal processes in each and every one of us, when Saturn conveys its mission in some area of life, call for self-examination and thus for the offered way of resolution.  There are various studies of popular astrological phenomena in the book that have always been arousing attention – the astrological secret of love, intelligence, wealth…You will be fully contented with this book that I am pleased to recommend.”

The Editor of “Astrologos” magazine : Bojana Nenadic


The excerpts from the book:

“Psychological astrology is the particular kind of astrology, some would say even the most progressive one, since it doesn’t really comply with the traditional way of interpretation, particularly forecasting.  It represents a higher level of consciousness that has its aim in including a man as a conscious, responsible being into the streams of life. It considers an individual effort and work on oneself with the aim of overcoming of all the inner and outer obstacles on the way to perfection. Of course, in the ideal image, that should be the motivation of every individual. In a way, the discipline could be considered as the guide to a successful and purposeful living. The aim is, of course, becoming aware of the potential, relating individuality and facing opportunities one needs to strive for. Along with that, it is worth mentioning that the very psychological astrology is able to interpret many manifestations of reality we are dealing with on a regular basis and provides facing the world and ourselves in a way that is the most acceptable from the perspective of wisdom. That is the only way such faculty makes sense, in the beginning and in the end.”


“Saturn, the great teacher, who brings difficult tasks with its transit through the houses of zodiac, yet in relation to the natal position, represents the challenge for astrologers who constantly strive to find solutions of these tasks and to point to the essence of its influence. It turns out that those are difficult lessons to learn, for which we sometimes don’t know the reason why, since the karma wheel, which brings along various experiences, has its executive representative, Saturn itself.

Saturn implies to the significance of the current affairs at the very moment, period during the transit, brings a reward or a punishment concerning what has been done in one’s own personal history. Saturn itself describes the purpose of the entire process. Regarding its position in the individual natal chart, this very planet implies to the necessity of the quest for purpose of life as well as the path that leads to the fulfillment of the individual, again relating to the house and aspects. Since Saturn represents the system and the structure as a perspective, by its presence in a particular house, it provides an essential overview of the relating matters, as well as maturing within the particular field, when, as a result of the experience, we build an attitude towards life in the concerned area. Namely, in the course of its transit, Saturn influences a particular house, activates it and automatically initiates certain experience in the symbolism of the house, in relation to the natal position which describes the meaning and the purpose of the tasks required. Essentially, by the end of the transit all those tasks need to be fulfilled and life will certainly demand the outcome of the plot in a way that there should be some moral out of it in the best possible scenario i.e. there should be some maturing out of it. What often happens is that there are also some misfortunate experiences which result in pain but there must be some background that provides answers needed to form an opinion or an attitude relating the particular matter. Grasping the reality is what must be general outcome, with both feet on the ground like a fact file, the bottom line. That’s not always simple because the weight of the comprehension of the cruel reality is an unavoidable companion of such contemplation.


Considering the fact that Saturn represents time (Chronos), along with its presence on a particular point of the horoscope, it denotes the time for an individual to move in certain direction, implies the significance of the current affairs, their relevance, and at the same time demands presence and dedication to solving the tasks required. Namely, during the transit throughout the houses of the horoscope, Saturn activates a particular house, initiates the course of happenings in the significance of the house that require immediate response. The focus is on the house and the relevant matters, it’s time to think, work on oneself, time to mature, deal with the various situations within the area, time to gain experience needed considering the big picture and the higher point of view, to learn valuable lessons. From the point of view of the Psychological astrology, everything happens in relation to one’s own personality, meaning that everything that happens on the material, physical level has its reflection in the personality and its development. On the other hand, regarding the fact that things happen first on the spiritual level and only then on the physical one, Saturn’s movement activates essentially important questions on the spiritual level and even before the actual happenings start, the experience comes as a natural consequence of the spiritual inclination.


The purpose, the search for the meaning of life is an important necessity of the Saturn’s influence, besides the North Node’s description of a karmic duty. Actually, the backbone of personality, what’s the most important for an individual, where the concentration of energy is and where one finds the utmost fulfillment is basically described by its influence, speaking of the natal position.  Saturn’s position describes what represents the life fulfillment, what puts sense to human existence and it can provide that fulfillment but only after hard lessons to learn. Those lessons are the most valuable but the variety of experience within the symbolism of the concerned house, can define the attitude towards the particular matter. On the other hand, the absence of experience may represent the difficulty of the position, in relation to aspects, respectively. The point is that every one of us has a certain position and there is always some area of life that demands careful consideration and hard work in order to prosper and accomplish satisfaction and success within the same.


Psychologists consider human character a base of the human destiny. It is undeniably described by the position of Saturn in the highest degree, and we know, from the aspect of traditional astrology, that Saturn itself is the bearer of karma and “destiny”, beside Pluto.


Literally the backbone, but the backbone of personality, metaphorically speaking, is the symbolic expression of Saturn which describes to what extent a character can be developed. Considering the fact that the official psychology claims that the character is not inherited but it is gained and formed in the course of life, predominantly up to the fourth year of life, in the light of its position, we can describe the process of maturing and developing a personality as well as the possible alterations of the character during lifetime. It might as well describe lessons with which we face, meaning that the weight of experience and the unavoidable suffering should result in maturing and morals that build up a personality. Man needs to work on himself in order to purify the content of the 12th house, which practically signifies becoming a better person, noble-minded and wiser if it’s possible. Essentially, an individual needs to build up one’s own personality, to form and integrate oneself, which automatically enables better quality of the Saturn position and reaching the maximum of one’s own capabilities. Basically, that is the process that consequently enlarges opportunities in life.  That is the only way astrology can make sense anyway. The purpose of the first cycle of Saturn, after 28-30 years, is to grasp the key questions, accumulate the experience in a way of understanding oneself in relation to the world and to form a personality. That is the time when a new cycle is beginning which brings along new content, new experiences that demand the appliance of everything that has been gained, all in relation to the spiritual state of being and the lessons that have been learnt in the personal history.

Since Saturn is the symbol of karma and karmic happenings, those people in the sign of Saturn in natal chart, that we meet during life can be extremely important for our inner growth and will most certainly represent individuals who influence the key matters in our lives. The same stands for those individuals in the sign of our 12th house, through which karma issue is being activated. Practically, those are the people we get connected to in the long run, that we become very close with after not so long period of time, that we spend a lot of time with in various symbioses. Those people most certainly activate the key aspects of one’s personality, especially those flaws and imperfections within us, such as complexes, fears, phobias but also aspirations or ambitions and those relations have their aim in the consideration of the above and the dynamics of their development. The process of purification of karma basically represent the achievement of quality of personality, overcoming all those flaws, especially complexes, as much as possible, working on it, ennobling and raising the level of consciousness altogether. These processes take place unnoticeably along with those relations and very often include a dose of suffering. The aim and the best possible outcome of the process of purification of karma and karmic relationship is essentially improvement of the personality and raising the level of consciousness, which is basically the purpose of astrology itself. Or at least should be.


Saturn is the system, structure, logic, reason, mind, experience, the important experience of life which leads to wisdom as the supreme characteristic of this planet that should be gained. That is, most certainly, a process but also a path that should be followed, as much as possible. Not accidentally, Saturn, as Senex, the archetype expressed by the figure of a wise man in the official psychology, is the ruler of elderly people…


The opinion we hold, such as the attitude towards life, within various aspects of reality is represented by Saturn itself.  The process of thinking is actually the process of building a system i.e. building up a personality. Logical thinking in the first place is behind that process. Still, there is a difference between being intelligent and being smart, because although Saturn denotes mathematical talent, it actually denotes smartness while intelligence in the classic sense is denoted by Mercury, Uranus, 3rd house etc. Therefore, Saturn describes the process of building up consciousness and reason with the purpose of building up a system of thinking, which represents hard work, effort and pain. All of that is in the symbolism of this planet, although the fruit of this process is certainly long-lasting. “


“Here we come to the notion that we couldn’t possibly avoid and that is karma. The concept of karma can be interpreted in several ways but if we accept the reasonable deduction that karma represents the law of cause and effect and thus the heritage of personal and familiar personal history we come to the polygon for the work on ourselves. Namely, by interpreting karmic relationships and karma itself we can derive and recognize some mechanisms.  When we meet someone in the sign of our 12th house, as well as Saturn’s sign we have the impression that we have already met that someone before i.e. we become very close. We are connecting on the deepest level, on the level of the most intimate levels of personality. “Karmic burnout” or ”karmic purification” is taking place.  On a practical level it means that those are the people that make the crucial influence on us and our becoming a better person. In the ideal image. It isn’t always like that but if we accept our karma partner in that way, the process will be less painful for both and there are greater chances of success. Everything happens with the same goal. Hence, the work on inner self leads to success. Self-examination, criticism and self-criticism, change, evolution must result from those relationships, and not only those.  They are, in a way, the most transparent ones but one should keep in mind that the outcome of those relationships will depend on the individual effort.”

“Every individual natal chart is the unique mixture of planetary influences describing the area of mental activity up to the utmost details. Actually, the very functioning of one’s mind can be described by so many factors: planets in Aries and the 1st house, planets in Gemini and the 3rd house, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the 8th house, the 9th house, the 12th house…therefore we are going to deal with all those factors in an endeavor to describe everything that contributes the way we are going to perceive the world around us. One of those factors is intelligence of course, that is defined by the official psychology as the speed of managing within certain circumstances, as left part of the brain quality, with the special outlook of the emotional intelligence, deductive capabilities, the ability of sublimation and speculative mind as the right hemisphere quality. “

“Synastry as the analysis of the comparative horoscopes represents a very useful instrument and a guide through interpersonal relations and if it is interpreted properly can be of a priceless value. Within the variety of aspects and influences it is necessary to identify where the centre of gravity of a relationship is, where the nod is and, then again, where the point of the outcome is, so that it becomes clear what the chances for success are. This time we will consider only love partnerships”

Acting talent is a rare gift and you may say that it represents a multi-dimensional art. In the first place, there is a talent for psychology, that is crucial for “entering a character”, represented by the presence of Scorpio in the natal chart. Then, sophisticated sensitivity that allows empathy and the sense for nuances, represented by Water signs, unavoidable sense for drama, represented by Leo which is crucial and denotes very rare dramatization gift as well as the ability of performance and stage act. Non-the-less important is the need for play and vividness, ability of transformation-all in the symbolism of Gemini along with the Uranian dynamics of the need for experimentation, exhibitionism and versatility”

Director’s mind considers the sublimation of talents and skills, at first organizational, undoubtedly psychological, since in the very root of the director’s way of thinking is psychological approach. Then comes the ability of proper research, realistic perception of life and the artistic gift, that provides the poetics of an artistic value. Additionally, higher spirituality is desired in order that the ultimate outcome would have implying or apparent moral message or at least interpretation of life phenomena. Since directors are often screenplay or theatre play writers, there has to be a writing talent and there has to be a touch of originality providing strong individualism of poetic imagery of the film or a play. All that requires powerful positions of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

This research is conveyed on a sample of around dozen directors, but, as you will see, there is an incredible number of positions of planets that respond to a perfectly developed system or a scheme of parallelism in astrological terms. Great director, you would agree, has to be a great man“


“The list of the world best-known billionaires is long, but in this short survey conveyed, it will be taken into the consideration the top fifteen. Needless to say that there are matching aspects in their horoscopes, but it is more likely that there is a mechanism of functioning of their horoscopes in the sense of dynamics of certain fields as well as typology of signs and aspects. In further text, it will be presented thoroughly the complexity of their natal charts.”

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