Jupiter in Gemini – The Truth Liberates

On 12th of June, ”The Great Benefactor”, Jupiter enters the sign of Gemini, to transit this very sign for an entire year. This ambassador of good will brings a very important influence in the year when collective task is supposed to be raising awareness and a general breakthrough into the higher state of consciousness. Essentially, this breakthrough is being conveyed through the executive power of Jupiter itself.
Basically, Jupiter represents consciousness, spiritual and intellectual insights by means of religion, psychology, philosophy, knowledge and higher education, usually within the range of professional interests and personal and professional improvement. The question of self-improvement has been brought into the spotlight as essential on a more massive level in the contemporary world, depicted by the recent apparent movement of one of the four brightest stars in Milky Way, Regulus, the Archangel Raphael, “Watcher of the North” into the sign of Virgo, that should be establishing a new principle as relevant for the progress of mankind. Personal development issue turns out to be of the key importance.
Jupiter in Gemini announces that this issue should be starting to become conscious and effective, operating on a more massive level, as a predominant condition for general progress and evolution of mankind. Due to the position of Saturn in Libra by September, the focus,ultimate tasks and lessons are within the area of interpersonal relations, partnerships, social interactions, diplomacy as well as the role of diplomatic influence in political affairs, in the final stage. Starting from September, major lessons refer to intimacy issues, personal power and libido, energy issues as well as restructuring of the world power, oil business etc. The ultimate aim is forming an attitude that should be governing us in the years to come, hopefully in a progressive way.
The truth liberates and what seems to be the imperative within the planetary constellations of Uranus-Pluto Square, Jupiter transit is happening, is exactly discovering the truth as the guiding light on the individual as well as collective level in both spiritual and material worlds. Speaking of psychodynamics on the individual level, this transit should bring out into the consciousness issues of the subconscious by the awakening of the deep-rooted knots of frustration or a conflict. In terms of Freudian psychoanalysis, Jupiter should convey into the consciousness “the catharsis, releasing repressed instinctually charged memories in order to free the psyche and the body from neurotic fixations, thus bringing the suppressed energies to conscious awareness and expression”. In general, there should be a way to release the inner tension through conscious insights into the issue, with the enhanced potential of realizing the truth about ourselves. That is a sort of purification that should transform the tension into optimism, faith, hope and resultatively bring about the higher level of consciousness. The urge of 2012 in the first place.
Additionally, taking into consideration that Gemini represents mind but also multi-media, there may be some development in the form of exposing the truth about governing structures that may result in additional tension of the atmosphere of “rebellion in the air”. The key importance is to prevent potential outbursts of massive discontent by urging people of all structures to raise awareness of the important issues of human existence such as regaining faith in the era of twilight of religion Neptune in Pisces is due to recover. It seems that in minds of people there should be a heaven-sent guidance in order to restructure the figures on the global chess board in the years to come, with reference to Saturn transit through Scorpio.
Expansion of writings and writers, intellectuals, multi-media that Jupiter in Gemini is about to bring should establish new standards and criteria that are due to provide the higher accessibility of the truth so that it could make necessary changes, if not in the power-obsessed material world, on the spiritual level of self-improving individuals at least. That’s how the necessary change stands greater chance to be a progressive one.


In addition, the expansion on a level of communication should enhance the energetic metabolism between people on a massive level, bringing also more short-term travels and arousing motivation for continuing education or improvement on a professional as well as personal level. Altogether, raising standards and criteria of all the professional requirements or at least raising necessity brings about concerns on prospective outlook in a way that professional improvement i.e. education becomes burning issue in the times when raising awareness of environmental and existential matters come into the spotlight.


Starting from the 4th of October up to 30th of January 2013, Jupiter is going retrograde, making sure all the growing issues and tasks of raising awareness are being set into motion. Retrograde mode brings about some catching-up-to-do kind of development in the sense that overwhelmed minds take some time to pack all the pieces of the puzzle together, in accordance with the symbolism of Gemini that operates with vital information for the purposeful existence. Also, the initiated wave of expansion and understanding, namely all the things that we have started to be conscious of, that have come in a tide are now being exposed to a proper understanding, refering to all the psychodynamic issues of realization and liberation of inner frustration mentioned above. On the individual level. Globally, people are being challenged to fully grasp the truth about the world and themselves considering the recent development that has brought about so much, one has to put up with up to January, in order that proper attitude prevails. All the novelties and new enterprises that have set in motion some fresh activities may start to develop in a more concrete manner in this period i.e. we may finally tend to see the results of the efforts that we have been investing into our personal expansion since June. Whatever has been agreed is now being conveyed and put into practice.

Psychologically speaking, the issue of self-improvement is being put into effect in these several months, considering already initiated process since June. Metaphorically speaking, all the new softwares that we have obtained from various sides, we need to apply on our PCs in the months to come.