Capricorn Supermoon – The Serious Moonlight


Turbulent times. As soon as we adjust to the tide, there’s the new mood swing.  So many eclipses. Hard to keep up with the tendencies of the roller coaster times of Saturn in Scorpio. The amplitudes are of the extremes. Things happen so fast. Yesterday news are like of the last month’s. The disclosure of Jupiter in Gemini boost of information.  Where are we running? To catch up with the demands that are getting even more severe.  Due to the Uranus Pluto Saturn dance, cash is more expensive than ever. Either you’re a  super pro or you’re out of business. Life has become an extreme sport. However, in the mash up of various tendencies, everything is possible. Neptune is preserving the dream and  calling for rejuvenated belief. Revival of the old school just to make sure we don’t lose our way. Uranus is getting faster calling for a revolution within. Egocentrism is passé. Fast food and fast love are passé. Pretense is passé. Either you’re a real McCoy or you’re lost.  People see through everything these days. Saturn in Scorpio is calling for choosing the way in the black and white paradigm. Diamond life or a diamond lie. Depends how good you are.

New Capricorn Supermoon is making the new switch of the trend and announces the new mild tide of Jupiter in Cancer. We are starting to feel like at home. Going back to the roots. Family is back. The word in the spotlight is vintage. Quality, tradition, reputation.  No more fools for anything. The truth is coming out. Capricorn  is evoking the serious outlook on the perspective in the months to come. Or at least announces the new attitude. Serious gaming. Maturing is taking place within our reach. Chit-chats tends to be more serious these days. Private life gets in the spotlight  and the imperative is to find peace. The quality. Inhibitions are coming out to the surface and demand dealing with. Purification takes place in the karmic year of the Snake. Clearing the basement and shining from within. Getting serious about our own happiness cause it largely depends on us. Finding peace is just at hand.  Serious play.

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