Venus in Gemini – Be smart about it


The upcoming Venus in Gemini might as well turn us into a pinguin chicks for the playful, innocent and inquisitive Venus in Gemini is very much of boyish or girlish kind of flavor when it comes to love. Lighthearted, free and open-minded Venus in Gemini makes life and love life pretty amusing and entertaining. Trickery, gaming and intelligence of this Venus very much spices up the love life. Above all it tends to be of endless fun. Everybody might want to enjoy life playing mind games for the sake of a fun,  however there might also be intelligent conclusions and small revelations along the way.  In some 12 days trine with Saturn might turn the entertaining flirt into a relationship. Make sure you avoid the chaotic misinformation of Square Neptune sometime in 20 days for it might turn out to be a mess whereupon you will be challenged to check up on the honesty and truthfulness of whoever plays trickery on you. However, make sure you stick to somabody who loves you like a child or a pinguin chick this month around. There just might be immense fun along the way. All you have to do is be smart about it.


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