The Power of Psychological Astrology

1. Psychological astrology is the particular kind of astrology, some would say
even the most progressive one, since it doesn’t really comply with the traditional way
of interpretation, particularly forecasting. It represents a higher level of consciousness
that has its aim in including a man as a conscious, responsible being into the streams
of life. It considers an individual effort and work on oneself with the aim of
overcoming of all the inner and outer obstacles on the way to perfection. Of course, in
the ideal image, that should be the motivation of every individual. In a way, the
discipline could be considered as the guide to a successful and purposeful living. The
aim is, of course, becoming aware of the potential, relating individuality and facing
opportunities one needs to strive for. Along with that, it is worth mentioning that the
very psychological astrology is able to interpret many manifestations of reality we are
dealing with on a regular basis and provides facing the world and ourselves in a way
that is the most acceptable from the perspective of wisdom. That is the only way such
faculty makes sense, in the beginning and in the end.
Regarding that, one of the basic parameters is the correct interpretation of the
position of Saturn as the planet that represents the key for the interpretation of the
individual horoscope. Worldly authority within the area such as Liz Greene, in her
book about Saturn made explicit analysis of psychological profiles relating the
position of Saturn in a natal chart. It is one of the most valuable books in education of
every individual who wants to obtain the skill of interpreting a natal chart since it
provides the insight into the basis of the psychological profile that altogether
represents the polygon for the work on oneself, inner growth and development that
come as a result. It is only the tip of the iceberg relating what the psychological
astrology has to offer. Further ahead, since astrology is based on mythology, so many
answers could be found there. The phenomenon in the collective unconscious known
as archetype, officially advanced by C.G.Jung in individual psychology, based on
ancient Plato’s ideas, is basically perfectly represented by mythological images.
Various aspects in astrology can be interpreted as some mythological situation i.e.
archetypical situation. Mythology itself represents traditional richness and profusion
of metaphorical images of individual and collective unconsciousness that throughout
the entire history of mankind imply to the experience and mechanisms of functioning
of human mind. If we approach astrology that way, we come to conclusion that
astrological advising should resemble psychological session in order that the outcome
is productive for every individual. Jung himself used to do natal charts to his patients
since he concluded that a study of the horoscope provides insight into the
psychological state of being as hours and hours of psychotherapy. It also provides the
pattern and the possible way out as an advice for every individual patient. In a letter to
Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung wrote “My studies in astrology are fascinating…I have
come to the firm conclusion that at the moment of birth an individual takes on the
characteristic state of the Universe for that moment in time.”
The old Hippokrates, ancient Greek physician, used to say that a doctor that
doesn’t know astrology is nothing more than a donkey. It makes sense. Speaking of
psychological well-being, the psychological approach to astrology allows the insight
into those spheres of existence in which one needs to make moves forward in order to
achieve maximum of one’s own capabilities. You would agree that astrology operates
with possibilities but the point is in the fact that every individual must have
responsibility for one’s own life. If everything was predestined, religion wouldn’t
make sense. So, if the Bible says “do not kill”, or “do not steal” it means that it
implies that people have to keep trying to be always better than they are so as to make
efforts to be the best they can. Namely, it is an individual act and effort how much one
will achieve and up to what level of consciousness one will rise. Psychological
astrology has the same goal, to reinforce an individual to achieve one’s own
maximum, in relation to the basic potential, presented in the natal chart. Of course,
what is the consequence of the individual efforts in the final sum cannot be predicted
since the consequence will depend on the individual effort. . This means that not all
the difficult aspects will realize in all the natal charts. It depends actually on the
individual itself. In relation to how much one will improve one’s own personality, in
that measure one will allow difficult aspects to come forth and enforce all the good
ones. It means that every individual has the chance to improve oneself and thus one’s
own life in measure that it is possible. Therefore we are not talking about predictions
but pointing to possibilities and opportunities one has to comprehend in order to
realize one’s own personality the best possible way.
Here we come to the notion that we couldn’t possibly avoid and that is karma.
The concept of karma can be interpreted in several ways but if we accept the
reasonable deduction that karma represents the law of cause and effect and thus the
heritage of personal and familiar personal history we come to the polygon for the
work on ourselves. Namely, by interpreting karmic relationships and karma itself we
can derive and recognize some mechanisms. When we meet someone in the sign of
our 12th house, as well as Saturn’s sign we have the impression that we have already
met that someone before i.e. we become very close. We are connecting on the deepest
level, on the level of the most intimate levels of personality. “Karmic burnout” or
”karmic purification” is taking place. On a practical level it means that those are the
people that make the crucial influence on us and our becoming a better person. In the
ideal image. It isn’t always like that but if we accept our karma partner in that way,
the process will be less painful for both and there are greater chances of success.
Everything happens with the same goal. Hence, the work on inner self leads to
success. Self-examination, criticism and self-criticism, change, evolution must result
from those relationships, and not only those. They are, in a way, the most transparent
ones but one should keep in mind that the outcome of those relationships will depend
on the individual effort. That is the interpretation of the psychological astrologer when
it comes to karmic relationships and, as you see, it can be of help in a constructive
way to a person more than if you would say to him “you will stay together” or “you
will not stay together”, and what most of the clients expect in the first place. Of
course, psychological astrology has the aim of raising the level of consciousness in
order that one would understand that one needs to lead one’s own life alone and that
the work on oneself can lead to a progressive effect and an individual effort to
improve oneself to successful relationships. Then, there is a question of auto-realization
and achieving the full potential out of the talents and capabilities described
by the natal positions. Finding and revealing the true self. It is not always obvious and
we mostly move within the range of our desires i.e. dreams, capabilities and talents,
circumstances, limitations expressed by what we call reality. The fact is that we have
a scale of possibilities where we can move, but only within a frame of the state of
mind that we have developed. As a matter of fact, freedom is a state of mind, and in
order that we come to a position to make a choice, we have to build up our
consciousness to realize the opportunities that we have in front of us. The process of
“karmic purification” is the reality of all of us, regardless of karmic relationships and
love, but very often through every day life situations, thus being obliged to realize
what our task is and how we can make the best of ourselves, and then the most of the
situation. What turns out to be the conclusion of this observation is the undeniable fact
that only by working out on our own state of mind and spiritual well-being we tend to
predispose ourselves to better life opportunities. By cleaning the “basement” i.e. Id,
that represents the unconscious in the official psychology, and the correspondent 12th,
4th and 8th house in astrological natal chart, we are getting close to fulfilling our life
tasks, and, as a result, we become better personalities. Therefore, we get better life
opportunities and rewards in reality, and everyday life. Basically, it is a reciprocal
process and there has to be a conscious effort in order to build up the level of
consciousness where we can make choices and have a stronger influence on what is
happening deep inside. The truth liberates. Namely, through the process of liberation
from let’s say fears or prejudice, self-doubt or complexes, correspondently
overcoming difficult aspects in natal chart, we tend to achieve liberation from self-imposed
limitations and boundaries that prevent us from getting where our desires or
dreams are leading to. The very aim of psychological astrology is to stimulate the
process of releasing frustration, making affirmation of the system of values that lies
underneath as the life-task for all of us, realizing our full potential and, as a result,
becoming a better person. Only then, we can expect our best aspects in natal chart to
work their way towards the realization of dreams. The question of self-realization is
the question of full understanding of oneself, basic potential and reality of a persona
that is very often being neglected or streamed into areas we are not fully satisfied
with. In order to comprehend our full potential, we need to understand who we really
are. The process of introspection that usually lasts through a period of transit of Saturn
under the horizon, meaning from 1st to 7th house of a natal chart is the key process in
our lives. It is the process of individuation that has to result in achievements once we
have dealt with ourselves. Saturn, Nodes and 10th house are showing us the way to our
karmic goal, self-improvement and realization in relation to all the positions in the
natal chart.
In relation to what has been said, the power of psychological astrology lies in
necessity to facilitate the individual efforts in the personal striving for realization of
one’s own maximum potential, with all the responsibility for what has been done in
the personal history. Thus, it can influence the individual in the most progressive way
in order that one can contribute to the collective evolution by personal auto-realization.
It is the way that the world evolution gets better perspective and that is
why psychological astrology is considered to be a progressive discipline.