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The Celestial Jam of Jupiter in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn along with Saturn in Sagittarius Trine Uranus, although in tolerance of several degrees, being added to T Square of Jupiter in Virgo Square Saturn Square Neptune holds a very powerful message, being the potential guiding light in the times of global crisis of religion, social systems and culture in the form of misplaced theses on the way of building the bridge between the old school and the new school and it represents the essential necessity of professionalism, being the most important issue in the sense of personal fluency indispensable for healthy, integrated, functional society.

The message of Jupiter in Virgo would be – Professionalism is a lifestyle and it is being accomplished only after conveyed process of individuation for the sake of realizing the true identity and finding purpose within the area of professional influence that stands the higher meaning in the religious- social- emotional paradigm essential for the sake of functional society and personal happiness.

Jupiter in Virgo besquared by Saturn in Sagittarius teaches us the lesson of shaping the professional influence in the frame of the community service that undergoes various tests in order to understand the importance of being who you really are thus dispersing illusions, greed, or existential fears, being the result of the inability to comprehend the truth and the lack of courage to fulfill the dream, altogether leading to semi-solutions, failure or lulling in the comfort zone enough to begotten mediocrity.

“Learn the rules like a Pro and then break them like the Artist”, a famous quote by Picasso, however there is a long way up to becoming a Pro, nevertheless being a  part of the Artist who only improves them. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. The first step would be learning to recognize the basic phenomena of life on all the levels possible, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, religious, political, being the lessons of Saturn through karmic cycles of events through a set of karma principles functioning as  suffering, reality slaps and the grind of the matrix until you learn to respect the Ethics, Moral Codes and Codes of Honor as well as your professional orientation urge and hard work in finding the place under the Sun.

That requires education, classical as well as contemporary in order to become eligible to interpret the life phenomena. Then comes the social imperative of learning the rules of existential manoeuvring  indispensible for avoiding mistakes in the world that has set the perfection as the standard, according to the words of the Bible, in order to do “big time”. Progress vs Perfection is the favorite paradigm of the contemporary man, however progress is being progress only if it ultimately leads to the very same ideal: Perfection.  Evolution vs Religion i.e. Science vs Religion is also the burning issue of the contemporary man, however in the light of the recent discoveries, both have the same aim – Finding God and helping mankind live up to the quality standards. The manifestation of God is being hidden in all the accomplishments of mankind, the only question is whether you want to see it. There is a choice that you have to make and choose the path in the scope of the Masterplan, in accordance with your ultimate aim, by raising awareness on your “Shadow” that is to be incorporated into your conscious striving. Raising awareness on purifying the Shadow – the drives of the collective unconscious, being interpreted as archetypes ,is thus bringing the inherited issues to consciousness whereupon is becoming easier to cope with and rationalize upon the wilderness of the basic instincts that are supposed to be in  the function of Reason.

The bridge over the Old School and the New School, Saturn and Uranus, now in Trine, is being accomplished not through denying the set of principles established through the history of mankind but through improving them in the direction of liberation of mind thus bringing up the attainable ideal – Freedom, that only exists in the minds of the free. Freedom starts from releasing the mind from fears, prejudice, complexes and all the issues that prevent you from realization of your basic potential in accordance with your dreams. Thus acquired freedom is also one of the conditions of professionalism on the way to so desired success and it requires raising the level of consciousness that improves only through learning, personal and professional development, being the conscious effort to put all pieces of the puzzle together and become an integrated personality and a high professional.

It takes 15 years of individuation and professional development throughout the transit of Saturn on Ascendant up to Saturn on the Descendant in order to get the chance to make it. Besides professional orientation, the hard work along with finding the higher purpose within the professional field, during the transit through 6th house, is of the key importance. Jupiter in Virgo, being the ruler of the natural 6th house, now in transit reminds the mankind of the importance of being a high professional personality with no mistakes whatsoever, whereupon Saturn in Square in Sagittarius is cross-examining the karma contribution of your life and thus revealing where you stand and therefore what you can expect, as well as what it takes to be a high profile figure this Jupiter in Virgo most certainly is, in the light of the Pluto Trine, thus gaining Power in the social spotlight.

Being a high professional by accomplishing excellency and performing brilliance is not only an accomplishment in the field of work, but a lifestyle of realized integrated, successful personality that has passed all the tests of Saturn with the “passport” of Clear Victory being the winner of the lifetime, only then  becoming eligible to fulfill the private life in accordance with the desirable scenario. Then only you become eligible to become an artist that can play with the rules for the sake of the Creation of a better world for the upcoming generation.

By becoming a great professional you become a great man, being the lesson of the Saturn karma grind in the light of Jupiter in Virgo that emphasizes the importance of the quality of life of the contemporary man through building high professionalism on a massive scale. This leading set of criteria will put you in the place of actually becoming an expert and a great man whereupon you are capable of having compensation in the form of finances and finding happiness. And what is the most important only “professionals can provide systems that last”. Keep in mind the professionalism distinguishes the Best.

Go Pro!


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