Supermoon in Aquarius – Breaking Free

Now walking through the Lionsagate at this time of the year when it’s been too hot to think, the upcoming full Moon in Awuarius might actually make you sober up enpugh to feel the reality in raw mode. Try not to freak out for there just might be a chance to step into a higher consciousness and pick up the vibe of universal love. The anxiety, paranoia in the air undermining your sense of security and natural wellbeing might make you wanna jump out of your skin yet try to remember what matters the most for the Moon will be influenced by Jupiter enough to provide comfort and angelic divine blessing that everything is going to be ok and that there is at least one somebody who brings in the love and protection into your life. Starlike guidance at this point would be facing your own reality and your own fears and asking yourself about what you are going to do with it. Within the underlying fears of existential issues make sure you choose love for the center of gravity since everything is getting much easier with healthy attitude. Try to be creative enough to radiate with positive energy in the world overwhelmed with pathology. Let this Supermoon be the turn over for all the matters of your life turning in your favor. In order to do that try Breaking free from the shadows holding you back for this would be a great time to start running your life the way you want to. Stay safe and drive your way to everything you ever wished for. it might as well pay off sometime in the future. God bless!

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