Solar eclipse May 2012

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Astronomically speaking, on 20th/21st of May 2012 there is a first solar eclipse of the year 2012, also called annular (from the Latin word “annulus” i.e. the ring), that describes the appearance in the sky where Moon shades the Sun in a way that there is a ring of solar light around it, visible in southern Japan, Southeast Asia, Pacific Ocean and western USA. This partial eclipse duration in totality is 5 minutes 36 seconds and according to CET (Central European Time, GMT +1 longitude: 020 30, latitude: 44 50) with its peak at 00:47 AM on 21st of May. This phenomenon occurs at 00 degrees, 20 minutes, constellation Gemini.

Astrologically speaking, this solar eclipse is happening due to very positive planetary influences. Namely, it is widely held that the influence of a solar eclipse lasts up to six months, until new solar eclipse occurs, however there are opinions that influences of the eclipses last as many years as the very eclipse last in minutes.  Essentially, eclipses mostly bring the changes of trends, switches of inertia and sudden overturns. Since this particular eclipse occurs in Gemini, it mostly refers to a boost of communication, thus verbalizing issues of the relevant houses, constructively managing the current matters, but most of all, due to the influence of close Jupiter, raising awareness of relevant issues and possibly spotting the guiding light regarding the house where Gemini is in a natal chart. Due to the opposition with North Node in Sagittarius, the emphasis is in revealing the truth and the task is subsiding the basic belief and grasping the big picture of the game we are involved in, with reference to the particular house. Previous trends of managing and understanding are proving to be not so workable solutions, so that the sudden switch of the approach may bring out handling the matter more constructively. The square with Neptune is indeed challenging in a way that we may be questioning ourselves for the sake of finding the right frame of mind. Overall, it brings about the boost of communication and expansion regarding all sorts of institutions in the world of mass media, productivity of journalists, writers and people in the business, stimulating new ideas and fresh insights. With upcoming Jupiter in June, this boost of communication and ideas should result in raising awareness of all the relevant issues mentioned above. All information that has been somehow hidden or not regarded as important may  prove to be of value in order that people just ”see the light”. Due to the retrograde Venus, in matters of the heart, reconsidering issues may also lead to sudden breakthroughs in understanding and tendencies of verbalizing suppressed topics. Time to question and set up a new frame for the game after 27th June.