Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – The Only Way is Up


On 14th December there is a Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Sagittarius. After complete decay of civilization here comes the new dawn whereupon the first sign of a new age is in the sky along with Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction on 21st. Every eclipse brings a sort of a turnover and a shift of the trend as a reminder that God is always watching and guiding the children through the valley of shadows. Purity of mind, purity of heart, purity of body stands the chance of having a God’s blessing within the closure of karma cross-examination of all the systems out there. In case you have paid your dues and learned your lessons the spiritual freedom would be the reward. The soul comfort. A blessing. This new transition brings unity, new hope and the main focusi should be on the improvement of the life, self-improvement with respect to all universal principles that refer to the entire mankind. Whatever you do, make a little contribution for the sake of saving the world from itsef. The turnover brings humanity to the spotlight thus finding the way to make the world a better place. What you can do is to become the best possible you and thus make the contribution. Small moves, eyes on the road, hands upon the wheel. The high pitch would be raising the level of consciousness, finding your guding star for all you want essentially is to save your soul. This Eclipse would be God’s way to remind us salvation is free.The only way is up.

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