Solar Eclipse in Leo – Where’s your Heart At?


Every Solar Eclipse brings new tendencies, changes of trend and the unique shift in consciousness thus enabling you to reach new decisions and embark upon a new stream of consciousness that should improve you overall state of well being in case you cope with discrepancies of  the heart and the mind, your personal life and your surroundings, your  personal path and your circumstances, Now is the time to re-examine your heart within the frame of your attitude towards life, arouse your dignity, strengthen your self-respect and develop your self-love. Essentially, this Eclipse occurs in the area of the 5th house of natural Zodiac thus evoking your natural skills of self-expression, self-affirmation and self-evaluation.

Before you reach an important decision this Eclipse might be inspiring you to do, it is important to provide your own passport for life thus enabling yourself to pursue your ambitions and your ultimate aim, after finding the answer to the question of where your heart is really at.

The key word for Leo according to the natural Zodiac is “I will” that dwells within the realm of the personal power. Due to the Grand natural Trine of the Eclipse in Leo with Saturn in Sagittarius in the natural 9th house and Uranus in the natural 1st house of Zodiac, this demonstration of personal power should be in compliance with your own conscience and higher comprehension and understanding of your own frame of the game, at the same time enriched with ingenious insights into your own personality vs the world. The chances are that you might prioritize some aspects of your life that is asking you to find courage for. Having Jupiter at the top of Kite Configuration, the ultimate resolution of your personal entanglement seems to be the positive outcome with the spotlight on everything you personally believe in. Have faith, because this time around it will save you!

The Eclipse occurs around the point of traditional fixed star Regulus that represents the “Lion’s Heart” that is now apparently positioned on the zero degree of Virgo, nevertheless enforcing you to set your heart at the goals that are ennobling your spirit, work in accordance with the environmental, health, social, self-improvement and personal development issues of the contemporary world, that basically represent the imperative of the modern world, being in the root of the crisis of traditional ego of Leo. Times are changing and this Eclipse is an opportunity to set those questions to yourselves before determining your goals. In the frame of contemporary development on the world stage, it takes finding the courage and  bravery in your endeavors up to a point of being fearless, it takes professionalizing up to a point of being mistakeless and it takes self-improving up to a point of being flawless.

If it takes to be the best version of yourself in order to create the better world, this Eclipse points to the crucial issue of self-affirmation built up through self-evaluation, the issue of self-respect built up through affirmation of human dignity and the issue of self-love built up through affirmation of one’s own self-awareness of all the qualities, skills, talents as well as autoeroticism.

The true will-power lies in the heart and all the self-confidence emanates out of it in the first place whereupon this Eclipse might be a turning point in taking a stand for what you believe in thus releasing from fears and gaining self-confidence to stand out and empower your self-expression.

5th house is all about what you can provide for the world as well as your loved ones whereupon this Eclipse might question your recent development for that matter and inspire you to reach new decisions on the directions you are willing to take in compliance with your conscience, education, higher mind and ultimately the purpose. It might also tackle the question of purpose from the essential point of you thus enabling you to attach the necessary meaning to various aspects of your life.

What is being in the spotlight here is the essential self, the heart vs the mind kind of dilemma that has to be resolved through working out the heart’s demands in the frame of the recent mind-set whereupon Uranus in the 1st house is empowering you to take risks for what you really want and express who you really are regardless of the masks and play-out now being regarded as irrelevant on the same very stage of life where you might feel you are being thrown at to show your own true self in order to get the applause.

Leo is the sign of unconditional love and the 5th house represents the area of true love as well. In spite of the fixations, ruthless demands of Pluto in the 10th house of success that require obeying the rules as a condition to reach the top of your game, this very Eclipse might enrich you with the outlook on everybody and everything that you care about and with the feeling of unconditional love. The importance of unconditional love in the contemporary world might be expressed in various forms and might enable you to show the appreciation for everything that you have out of the world as well as your loved ones. 5th house of true love is the area where this Eclipse is throwing a sort of reminder of what matters the most and the people who are most important in your life. It always the best time to show the unconditional love, exercise forgiveness and raise awareness on true love thus showing appreciation. Nevertheless, this Eclipse might bring about the feeling of true love for people that you have around as well as encounters that might later prove to be so.

However, most importantly, it takes affirmation of the base of your personality through raising awareness on your true blessings within the Sextile of the Eclipse with Jupiter at the top of the Kite configuration that might even draw some blessings in your life through partnerships of some kind as well as public appreciation or fame in the following six months. But first try to reveal for yourself where you heart is really at.

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