Solar Eclipse in Aries – Identity Check

Solar Eclipse in Aries – Identity Check

The upcoming Eclipse in Aries might tackle identity issues and bring about general shift of perspective and comprehension of the contemporary man. With respect to what is most important for well-being and self-maintenance of the modern civilization the utmost key issue of deliverance from evil and salvation of the world brings about new solutions to implement in the process of self-improvement. Major shift of consciousness and the shift of trend in the next six months evoke identity issue on the individual level as being predominant and essential for any undertaking and in the light of presence we witness the general crisis of sustainability of proven and established heritage of civilization whereupon the only practical solution would be the self-examination and self- improvement to a point of raising the collective vibration thus creating the new world Man who would work for benefit of mankind by providing example first and utmost. This might take decades to accomplish yet it would be the solution that brings sucess and happiness on a global scale. This Solar Eclipse would be that turning point towards this new era.

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