Retro Mercury in Aquarius – Rise Above



Retro Mercury in Aquarius would be a great time to pick up the pieces of the puzzle, process all the information right from the universal source and rise above the ground right into the sky. When you reach the bottom line and essential truths the only way is up. Spiritually uplifting truths might just set you free, however make sure you update with lright information. The truth us exclusive nevertheless you might find it and when you do rise above and place yourself onto the top of your game. The challenge of this transit would be to comprehend the purpose and find essential points altogether with general outlook and perspective. It would be the time to think within the realms of higher vibrations of Jupiter in Aquarius whereupon you might find true revelations. Now is the time for important ideas, visions, creativity. Now is the time for a restart of your ststem, refreshing your information data base and thinking through the methodology with clear outlook on the perspective. If you play your cards right you might just learn to fly. Angway rise above!


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