Retro Jupiter – The Right Mind

As from 14th May up to 12th September Retro Jupiter is calling for redefining the right choices and establishing the right mind, with respect to black and white paradigm as well as making the right choices in the frame of colliding worlds of classical vs modern values. Now is the time to choose a side, unite the opposite worlds into functional modus vivendi thus passing through a unique checking-up point of essentially having the right mind to survive. The unique kind of test should reveal whether we are able to distinguish lies from the truth  and whether we are ready to face the truth about ourselves on our way to salvation. It tackles the belief systems, education,  incorporation of classical values into a modern world view thus building the right frame of mind and getting on top of the game. Expanding consciousness through comprehending  the higher realms of our lives should enable us to find the Faith. By realizing what is most important in our lives the lesson would be deciding what is right to do under circumstances and establishing the right mind on your way to the top.

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