Mars in Scorpio

time for revival
time for revival
Starting from 23rd of August up to 7th of October, Mars will be transiting the sign of Scorpio.
Scorpio, as the natural sign of the 8th house represents essential insights,resources, basic energetic potential,libido, sexuality and power, regeneration and transformation,psychologically speaking, but also a research, massive inclination, large cash flows, business and the global economy, oil industry, world domination games and again power. The entrance of Mars should energize these issues in a way that they appear mostly in black and white paradigm, with a tendency of grasping the essence of the matters, aiming at bull’s eye with no compromise. We may as well feel as edgy as it takes to accomplish what we want, capable of taking risks as an instinctive drive, even if that is not in our nature. The powerful energy of Mars is pushing us ahead to make a breakthrough no matter what, we just feel powerful enough to do it. On the way to a battlefield and the ultimate fight of the year, we might as well inform ourselves how to handle it.

Regeneration – the first thing. Since Scorpio represents energetic resources i.e libido, as the basic psychological energy, and not just sexual, according to C.G. Jung, what seems to be the greatest positive influence of this transit might be filling up the reservoirs of the psyche in a way that it regenerates our basic power. It is already in the air, soon enough we should feel charged with energy enough to feel like shooting a gun, hitting a target…what’s more the centre of the target.Trigger happy as we might be, thinking more black and white than ususal and feeling in straits of the extremes, we might choose impulsively. However, those are winning impulses. Additionally, libido is empowered and sexual energy has somewhat stronger drive as well. As a result, general refreshment is what takes place, so make sure you have time for everything that brings you a recharge.
Essential insights – Scorpio is the sign of psychologists, researchers, mystics, warriors,detectives, spies and surgeons so that we all might as well feel a little bit like those. More than usual, that’s for sure. Basically, energizing Mars may convey the ultimate insights into areas of importance since Jupiter has entered Gemini in June. Namely, the focus of the year is bringing up into the consciousness all the inner nods, and potential conflicts and suppressed emotions from the past, all the tempered energy in people, depicted in Uranus-Pluto square for the purposes of self-awareness and self-improvement in the ideal image. However, these inner discontent already pulsing from within may outrageously burst into the public as the culmination of the year since Mars in Scorpio provides a channel for grasping things down to the bottom line as well as expressing it with no withholding but as a necessity or even urge. The ultimate path is moving downward to the essence of the issue and then upward to a sort of resurrection or liberation. The very energy of the Phoenix bird is the energy of Mars in Scorpio, that has the power to rise from ashes and bring life. Nothing livelier than Mars in Scorpio. They say that those full of death are full of life and only this position, as one of the most powerful positions of Mars, if not the most powerful one, may feel the “eros” and the will for life in such a degree that may arise from the dead. Psychologically, the essential insights into matters of relevant kinds visible in natal charts, may breed in a new life and resurrect the energy by purification, transformation of the general outlook on the issue. If something may be called miraculous in potential, than it is this position of Mars. For all the people that do believe in miracles, now is the time to make them.