Mars in Scorpio – The Power Games

Essentially, the task of astrology is the interpretation of Truth. If you settle for the less, stay out of it.

Within the frame of celestial jam-session this very moment, we are the witnesses of cross-examination on a worldly scale for the sake of preservation of spirit, in the light of all the classical values, being evoked by Jupiter in Virgo that reminds us of the choice we have to take in the black-and- white paradigm through the executive Mars in Scorpio with the message: There are two ways out of the mess, up and down. In case you choose to go down, you have to be a Scorpio to know when you hit the bottom the only way is up on the way to resurrection, thus becoming the Phoenix, raising out of the ashes through death and rebirth. However, don’t try this at home.

 If you care enough to pass the test of salvation, move on up and thrive in the realm of opportunities by safely incorporating the dream of Neptune in Pisces that essentially represents the reality of the soul. The question now is if you can really stand for what you believe and have the courage enough to be who you are, without allowing the greatest enemy – fear, projected as a sort of egocentric defense lead by the complexes – step on your way of the full realization of your potential. Raising awareness on the unconscious game of each and every one of us and bringing it into the consciousness enables you to really know who you are in the reality-check puzzle that you have to sort out for yourself. Getting out of the labyrinth takes sticking to just one wall. Choose your side carefully and avoid the snare of the shadow lurking on every step.

Saturn in Sagittarius implies to the lesson of finding God in the life of the individual in the co-existing frame of Uranus – Pluto Square that challenges two worlds colliding in order to become one and find the balance of two different concepts as manifestations of reality. Individualism, life-is-what-you-make-it philosophy , the awakened, modern world of choices that controls one’s own destiny versus the fatalist, pre-deterministic army of destiny believers and traditionalists deprived of choices. The most intimate attitude to establish.

For the sake of the argument, what seems to be the necessity of what seems to be the ongoing revolution is essentially the urge for awakening and realizing the full potential through personal power, in the frame of ongoing battlefield of power games, that eventually settles as the ultimate history repeating itself in the course of accomplishing peace. In the words of James Joyce all history moves towards one great goal, the manifestation of God. In the light of the upcoming resolution of Uranus-Pluto Square the Trines of Pluto-Jupiter and Uranus-Saturn are bringing the modern-world concepts to success and justifying the traditionalist concepts as subdued to the God’s will that ultimately controls everything and saves the planet from self-destruction. This mostly refers to preservation of Faith, the concepts of belief in every individual that has to build up the system of beliefs as an internal process and not an imposed one.

Neptune in Pisces preserves the faith as the encompassing quality that represents the base of the individuation process, being the task of every personality for the sake of self-realization as the most important issue. In the psycho-dynamics, the search for happiness demands the purification and self-improvement thus passing the test of Saturn in Sagittarius that enables the awakened world accomplish success. Let alone the worldly tendencies and present circumstances, the psychological seismic activity demonstrated as the need for change is essentially the evoke for the spiritual awakening and a lot of self-improvement in order to accomplish peace, happiness and satisfaction. Karma is unmistakable and brings people to senses. If you have played your cards right you pass the test. The quality of life is a matter of personal responsibility.

Before you step into the numbers game, make sure you respect the universal concepts of humanity with what you have to offer to contribute to the life you seek to have and learn the rules of the game in the world that does not change in spite of all the upheaval, but improves in the rhythm of the individual effort to raise awareness, improve, evolve.

The surgical Mars in Scorpio empowers the psyche to execute the personal power by means of one of the greatest truths that true power lies in wisdom. Mars in Scorpio uncompromisingly penetrates to the truth thus surgically clearing up the spirit from all the snares of illusion, lies or fear that stands in the way of realizing the truth. There is no compromise with the Truth in spite of all the power-seeking manipulation of sooner or later revealing development in personal lives of people who seek for the salvation, being able to find it exclusively inside of themselves, or not. Dangerous times of seduction that lurks on every step, God saves us from, through Mars in Scorpio that cuts through the chase thus providing personal power enough to put things right and resist the temptation and manipulation of the dark side.

Mars in Scorpio is ultimately the most powerful executive, demonstrative, dangerous energy that enables you to stand for what you believe and hit the bulls eye of the complexity of personal situation. If you pay the cost to be the boss, Mars in Scorpio will lead you through it enough to play the power games thus demonstrating the cutting-edge Truth, without settling for the less.

These are the times of Samurai, Mars in Scorpio – respectively, who cuts through the valley of shadows as the Holy Warrior and finds salvation. In the course of the next seven months, the world has to see through the power games enough to embrace the personal power of wisdom by choosing the light, grasping the truth and realizing there is only one God. The Holy Spirit leads the way to salvation for all those who choose to be saved. The choice is yours. Join the Power Games.

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