Full Moon In Pisces – Mellow Moon


This time around the full Moon in Pisces occurs exactly within the orbis of Neptune that altogether create the aura of mystery, sophistication and daydreaming.

Since the Moon rules the human instincts, perception, sensitivity, emotion and soul there is a growing tendency of slowing down the pace, tuning into the realm of dreams and comfortable shelter of indulgence and spiritual disposition filled with comprehension of all those subtle nuances of life of the heightened perceptiveness. You might shed a few tears, evoke forgiveness or just awaken the wisdom of your soul that guides you through the valley of shadows. Instinctively, you might want to repose, pause and reflect upon burning issues with the outlook so enriching for your experience that you might realize the importance of your own dreams within the frame of the big picture – literally and metaphorically.

The Moon rules the Psyche and this time around these couple of days you might find simplicity as being the ultimate sophistication and the mellowness of spirit turns out to be awareness of all your essential needs and cravings, your hearts desires that you might have forgotten or just neglected some time before you actually realized you’ve got a whole lotta soul over and over again. God moves in mysterious ways and this Mellow Moon might just remind you of what matters the most in your life, what is sacred to you and what keeps you going. It might elevate your spirit, provide some spiritual insights, some spiritual revelations or just awaken your inspiration for some creative endeavors.

This full Moon might turn out to be very fruitful for artists, musicians, painters, filmmakers, writers, intellectuals, doctors, miracle workers, yoga practitioners, shamans who might reach special insights, comprehend some particular issues of importance, grasp the reality of one’s own existence or of the creative piece of work from the perspective of wisdom.

Pisces represent Faith and this Full Moon might also evoke a powerful spiritual sensation and connection with a Higher Power as well as clear awareness of Higher Guidance through humbleness of spirit, through exercising forgiveness, through meditation.

It might also induce some pleasures such as indulgence in music, food, beverage, alcohol, even drug abuse or even excessive medication. It might be a good time for spa treatment, swimming, body massage, some kind of aroma therapy, some kind of healing therapies such as Theta Healing or Reconnection. It might be a great day to purchase a new perfume, buy cosmetics, go to the hairdresser or do the manicure.

What’s prevailing on this Full Moon is the high-pitched energy in the bosom, the whole lotta soul, ripe as that Moon in the sky that almost carries the weight difficult to incorporate into the ruthless world. The heightened frequency of perception, the subtle nuances of your comprehension turn out to be little revelations that you incorporate into big picture. The energy is just right for a lowdown from the bottom of your heart where you should feel exactly where you stand. You might feel overwhelmed with emotion that is pretty much softening your attitude, you might feel diffused, dispersed, dizzy or you just might have the feeling of floating or even flying through the crowd. You might experience a sort of lack of concentration, havoc, confusion, miscommunication or just weight of all the troubles of the world on your back. You might feel the ultimate sophistication, sensitivity up to a point of feeling lost or somewhere very distant or high in astral. You might feel mellow. Mellow energy, Mellow Moon.

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