2021 -The Year of the Ox



I hear you saying “I want myself back, I want my life back” and you’re right. However, 2021 is the year of the Ox bringing the powerful force of a raging bull coming right at you. You would have to grab the ox by the horns and face it with balls of a Fearless Girl in NYC financial district enpugh to get your share of rewards for well done deeds. In the best case scenario, you just might win yourself back. However count on it’s gonna be tough. Only 22 the year of the tiger will restore you in the glory of God. Shape up and be bold. Protect and defemd honor and your life. 2021 would be the crucial year when you’ll have to win your life back. Nevertheless, if you have got Ox on your side you might even become a millionaire as a reward for all the past efforts. Keep in mind, if you got it you’ll get it. The year of the Ox.


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