Venus in Taurus – Velvet Love

Now that Venus in Taurus starts the transit everybody might feel aroused sensuality, awakened senses and urge for tenderness, sophistication and romance. This artistic Venus inspires various kinds of enjoyment as much as possible with a little gentleness and comfort. Aroused sensitivity and artistic impulses make us pretty aware of our needs grounded in the realistic perception of the world. This time around we feel everything on our skin that seeks velvet comfort, enjoyment and cuddling.  Surround yourself with art and love for it is the only soul-food there is in the colliding worlds of paranoia, anxiety and fear. At least for the time being we might as well feel good about ourselves. In the era of distance and isolation we tend to sense the value of human hug, cuddling and warmth of the heart. Realizing the true values there is underlying sense of reality and physical sensation of our desires. Gentleness, simplicity and artistic sophistication of that original impulse for human bonding. Little things matter, the rhythm is slow and the senses speak for themselves. Put some music on, a glass of wine and grab that somebody you feel on your skin. Venus in Taurus – Velvet Love.

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