The Year of the Goat – Keep the Dream Alive



There is a legend in the Greek mythology that the famous goat Amalthea „the tender Goddess“ used to nurture and breast-feed the Great Zeus. You can imagine how powerful that archetypal image is. It is considered that The Goat People have the special talents and nobility of an aristocrat, maybe that is why they are so perfectly tuned to the old castles’ backyards and gardens where this gentle company has the sophistication of placing the tea cup handle to in the right position during the small talk about the latest global tendencies of the ruling class along with the adorning spice of its artistic outlook on massive population. Sheer Royalty, as one may presume along with the perfectly trimmed goatee on the face.

Lucidity of this sign, so perfectly incorporated in the uplifting spirit that perceives the world from the higher perspective, yet deprived of all the practical talents indispensable for the real world. The fantasy, so powerful and rich with vision of what the world should be in all its naivete of heavenly bliss. You guess, these people are the true ionic columns of the divine temple of the sacred spirit that preserve the civilization and its classical values.

The Year of the Goat is the time when the rhythm tends to slow down, perfectly tuned with thoughts and perceptions of higher power with the emphasis on the preservation of the dream and faith as the universal issue, liberated from all the boundaries of religious relativism that should soften the approach in the pursue of the world peace. The esthetics, non-the-less important , of the expression as well as the act might contribute to more sophisticated relations between people in the ultimate quest for fulfillment. The notion of well-being demands the overall tendency to feel good about oneself and hold on to the pieces of a dream that is threatened by the materialistic paradigm of 21st century. Still, the energy of the soul is indestructible and there always has to be a place for the dream as the reality of the soul. So, Dream on.

Along with Jupiter in Leo up to July, there should be a good climate for the art to flourish and become the social statement, slightly more influential as the catalyst of the suffocating rush for the financial well-being. Goat people are essentially the best artists that need to have benefactors and by some miracle they always get it. The Godly VIPs are always being taken care of. Justly.

The Almighty has set us the year to improve tolerance and treat mildly both friends or foes in order to soften the blade of a conflict. At least, there should be a tendency to do so. Uranus Pluto in March seriously lurks, however, the goodness of the Goat Year should be put forth enough to harmonize the sharp edges.
There is a tendency to bring forth the cure in the toxic environment of the planet in every sense possible, in relationships as well as in business or in politics. Love gains the power of the divine
quality and should evoke for forgiveness and higher wisdom of counterparts. Love is in the air for Goat People, as long as it is clean, improved and motivated by the pure enjoyment rather than any particular interest, thus bringing forth the nobility in people for the sake of mutual understanding. However, the happiness comes from within after contemplative and meditating accomplishment of oneself as the one and unique individual that should turn inward for all the answers and fulfillment, then only ready to face others and harmonize with them.

Essentially, it is a unique sort of test of the ability of mankind to find its way back home, by evoking the best in people and raising awareness of the importance of the „milk“ for nurturing the humanity.
Goat people usually need an authority figure to stand by in order to feel comfortable, safe and mesmerized in various personal idiosyncrasies, preferably to provide means of a living. Let that authority be the Divine power as the ace to play with in the times when the inversion on a massive scale is selling the black for white. The Milk nurtured wisdom is indispensable in dangerous times of threatening pervasive idea that is trying to poison the human spirit. Now is the time to purify and keep the dream alive.

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