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The Year of the Dragon – Flying Mode

The 10th February marks the beginning of the New Year of the Dragon thus bringing additional speed into our lives altogether with Pluto in Aquarius already speeding up areas in its rulership in the natal chart.

Life might as well become progressively improving with brimming new ideas, discoveries and lucid conprehension. You might as well have noticed your mind works more open-minded and more intelligent recently and this trend might continue to enhance the Brain Power.

The substantial amount of luck strikes the brave, the prepared and worthy of this Celestial blessing of good luck. In the far East the wise consider the Year of Dragon the best for a baby to be born at for it generally means a happy life in the prospect. This Bona Fortuna and La Dolce Vita of Dragons refers mostly to a jack-of-all-trades kind of individuality for it is being known Dragon represents the Altogetherness of nature and that is why it has been celebrated as the most important symbol.

It practically means a lot of opportunities in the lives of all the people who have a good luck of being able to improve life standard and general well-being. The Fierce Dragon however brings fast and fierce energy in every-day Earthly matters thus making the world frequency edgy enough in the battle for survival.

Tough turnovers and the roller-coaster of amplitudes to the norm altogether with Pluto in Aquarius seeks independence and freedom of minds therefore lives of people who want their piece of cake. Good news is there should be a chance to get it somewhere in the variety of life yet the conflicting interests might provoke a havoc and distress in contrast with the lullying Year if the Cat.

Now, everybody wants to be in the frontline in one’s own life and the New Age should bring open mind and learned lessons of the past heading into the future of choices to be made with full responsibility. Days, Months fly irrevocably and we’d better be flying aling with it.

The Universal standards are forging the path towards contemporary concepts within the realms of Technocracy. Our task would be to implement them for general improvement, well-being and salvation of mankind.

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