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Solar Eclipse in Libra – Think Justly

In the year of the Cat let the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 14 th and the New Moon make everything you have gained, learned and acquired be of your best judgment for whatever decision you have to make.

The potential turnovers and trend shifts in the next six months might as well surprise you yet they will essentially depend on your sound judgment, your inclination and attitude you are willing to build.

In the overall swamp of Saturn in Pisces keep in mind the backbone of your individuality and the discipline of your stadards with regard to high morality Libra balances on the scales of the right and wrong.

The upcoming Mars in Scorpio will enable you fight your way through the valley of shadows to keep the backbone safe and sound thus providing long term agreements, contracts, firm decisions, solid foundations, establishments and far-reaching choices that might put you on the right track of your life.

Mercury in the Conjunction with the Eclipse will enable you to think thoroughly and cautiously with regards to justice being done in the area of influence in your natal chart. As far as your social background supports the ultimate power demand of Pluto Sqaure in the form of acceptance of the inevitable, you will be able to make the right choice and pull out the safe gateway to success and happiness.

Whatever the case might be, the upcoming Eclipse will tackle the just judgment in all of us to make things right after a long cycle of Retro Grind whereupon everybody revealed the true selves before the eyes of God. Now, Retro Jupiter will allow you to pick up the pieces together in the puzzle of life and endow you with a reward of value in case you play your cards right.

A glass of wine and a cosy lounge with some jazz on would do to get things straight with yourself in the first place and then with everybody else.

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