Supermoon in Virgo – Self-Maintenance


Supermoon in Virgo occurs exactly on 20 degrees of Virgo on the fixed star Denebola in the constellation of Leo namely on Lion’s tail and that very fixed star within the existing opposition with Neptune traditionally brings the occurrence of various forms of infectous disease. The outspreading of Corona Virus seems to be within the description of the opposition of Neptune with the fixed star Denebola describing the massive infectous disease on 18 degrees of Pisces that basically seems to be rather ominous since it is 2 degrees from the exact opposition. Needless to say that precautions would be the imperative as well as strengthening the immune system, however within the present constellations with Neptune in opposition with Denebola fixed star is a sign of massive ongoing outbreak of Corona Virus . The only question would be what will happen in May when Neptune gets to the exact opposition with Denebola when we can expect the culmination yet the influence is rather apparent in the two-three degrees tolerance. Neptune will be on the very 20 degrees exactly op[posed Denebola until August whereupon in retro mode until  this time next year when it will be on 20 degrees again only to pass the dangerous opposition next year in summer. Neptune is the planet that signifies infectious disease in difficult positions with planets and stars and within this frame of constellations doesn’t seem to be accidental. Almost all natal and solar charts have difficult Aspects of Neptune as the sign of ongoing danger of Covid 19. What will actually happen during the course of 2020 and until summer 2021 when the opposition finishes is yet to be seen. The conjunction of Saturn -Pluto is only increasing the death rate and represents the danger and disruption of the world as we know it, it also represents the karma cycle on the planet where pathology of Pluto inevitably destroys and rebuilds our world.

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