Solar Eclipse in Pisces – The Wisdom Check

Within the artistic outlook, it is probably not accidental that the Precious Pearl of Wisdom is exactly in a shell at the bottom of the sea. Spiritually, this time around, it takes a deeper insight into the realms of the spirit in order to grasp the Truth. About oneself as well as the world. Whether you are already at the bass frequency or you tend to learn the Truth the hard way, this very Eclipse makes sure you really comprehend the mysterious ways of God in your life, the reasons, the motivation, the experience of your own with the aim of purifying the spirit from the long-term tectonic disturbances we have all been put through for the last four years.

The pain and what to do with it. The birth of the Salvador Dali’s new man out of the egg requires the growth, individuation and self-improvement, and above all, awakening from the shadow that almost unmistakably enforces issues to deal with, for the sake of becoming the integrated personality who is in compliance with oneself. The famous snares of the shadow are the internal mechanism in the process of realization of one’s own true personality thus enabling us to face the dreams as the reality of the soul. This disclosure time of the Reality Check development of Saturn Square Neptune implies to the conclusion that the Dream has been cancelled. However, the all-so-precious Neptune makes sure the Dream is still alive, although very hard to reach due to the entanglements of cause-and-effect kind of development in the personal Karma. When you consider reaching the Dream as the fulfillment of one’s own personal idiosyncrasy i.e. one’s own individual realization with integrated higher perception of oneself that is ennobling the spirit, you are on the path of becoming a complete personality. However, sooner or later, you are being forced to face the voice of the conscience implying to all those issues you have set up in motion for the sake of empowering your ego in the game of demonstration of your own personal exhibitionism.

What people often experience as the limitation in the outer world is exactly the self-imposed, self-judgmental being-fair-to-yourself kind of subconscious treatment in compliance with one’s own personal choices that often differ from rational and conscious striving. In the frame of planetary positions of New Moon Square Saturn in Sagittarius Square Jupiter in Virgo, facing-the-conscience kind of imperative, you are being challenged to accept the reality of your position from the perspective of your own earnings. Nevertheless, the difficulty of this Eclipse lies in the aftermath of the long-term Uranus-Pluto Square upheaval and distress with the result of „settling the score“ kind of development where it all comes down to Karma leveling even without the apparent cause. Namely, the unquestionable will of God puts you through the experience of hardship as the justification of the consequence of your past choices and overall behavior. The aftermath of the battle makes all the generals wise in order to pick up the pieces of the puzzle and dive into the sea of spirit for the sake of reaching the Pearl of Wisdom.

What seems to be gaining ground is the professional outlook of one’s own personal and professional history in the light of all the accomplishments and ambitions that need to fit in the disclosure frame of a cycle of endings whereupon picking up where you have started carries the weight of personal and professional experience well ground in the Karma wheel. Now is the time to face one’s own professional history and re-examine the professional prospect, but only after passing through the test of perfection-standard-imperative in the light of professionalism, dedication and professional orientation. If you have been mislead or ended up in wrong alley street with no sound perspective ahead, now is the time to consider the God’s given gifts, dreams and ambitions of the pure spirit that wished upon the star of realization long time ago before the circumstances and weaknesses carried you away from your true path. However, if you have been playing your cards right, following the rules of the game with the clear insight in your own potential, goals and perspective, this very Eclipse enables you to double check the quality of your performance so far and gain the wisdom indispensable for the further strategic and purposeful professional endeavors. Make sure you have improved and become as pure as the Pearl in the shell of wisdom-shielded personal power since it is the only way towards realization of so precious the Dream.

Pisces hold the key of all the doors and guard the highest quality of the spirit – Faith. Within this frame of planetary and celestial configurations, try to avoid any victimization whatsoever but reach for the light of conscience awareness for the sake of meeting the demands of the personal and professional perfection standards the Higher Power has bestowed on us, regardless of the times of decay, crisis and darkness of morality, culture and the “Way of the World“ . The Piscean Faith is an independent act of the spirit maintenance that undergoes the test of human ability to secure the most important heritage of mankind through all the civilizations’ cultures, mythologies, literature, arts and sciences through a unique Wisdom Check.

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