Scorpio Season – Take the Flight

  1. Scorpionic – Namely, there are three levels of Scorpionic consciousness and energy – Scorpion Arachnida, Grey Lizzard and Eagle, The frequency of Scorpionic vibration depends on self-improvement and the power to overcome basic instincts and raging passions of the Arachnida across the Mediocre Grey Lizzard towards the spiritually evolved Eagle on the quest for Truth. The frequency of Truth is most powerful Scorpionic trait when Scorpio rises above into the heights of the soul. During the Scorpio season we are all a little bit of all three with the imperative of the ultimate self-control thus hard for a Scorpio. The blitzkrieg of passions and killer instincts in the survival mode calls for realization of true motives, the search for the Truth and the fight for Justice however elusive it might seem. Everybody posses a little bit of Scorpio especially in the Scorpio season so let’s better make it Eagle-like. Let’s take that flight over the cuckoo’s nest and reach full potential of Scorpionic diamond of the unconscious shadow for the sake of the collective deliverance. Death and Rebirth of the  Scorpio season face us all with the natural cycles of Man who basically possess the power to rise from the ashes lead by Eros as the primordial instinct that affirmates Life  over Death and Tanatos. The natural outcome would be Transformation in all areas of Life into a turnover from the downward motion into upward. The cycles are closing and thus we face the new beginning. With all the experience gained so far now would be the time for a fresh start, let’s spread the wings and Fly.

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