Saturn Square Uranus – The Unlimited



Thinking about the Square that really pressurize the cabin this year the idea of the reaolution of the determinism, pre-conceptions, prejudice, traditional concepts, limitations, methodology, ststem, borders why not unite it with liberation, universality, unbounding it from the pathology of past judgmental inqisition yet uniting the best from both worlds into a modern worldly man. Modern concepts of liberation require setting free from the old patterns and mostly self-imposed limitations resulting in circumstantial limitations that now demand breaking free and finding the way out of the traditional “devil tortured with one’s own thirsd and hunger” yet finding the heavenly freedom that brings the opportunities and choices. Nice, you would say yet there’s Pluto enough to drop an ultimatum, however the acceptance of Plutonic fatality and determinism is at one point the best possible resolution within the system of the natal chart for Pluto is exactly within the funcion of Jupiter. Remember that Zeus would be on top of Olympus namely Jupiter who was endlessly improved and unlimiited.  In the words of the Bible “Be prefect as thy Father is perfect” meaning improved and liberated from the snares of the shadow. Only by means of self-improvement one liberates the soul eternally thus reaching the top of one’s own potential. Do not be afraid to cross the line, there is a star waiting for you. Step into the realms of The Unlimited.

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