Saturn-Jupiter Closure – Testina Lente


If you want to know the truth – Test it. Saturn-Jupiter closure in Capricorn is in the closing phase, all you have to do would be to pick up the pieces of the puzzle and realize the truth about your life. Whether you know it or not there is a test development that examines your intelligence, loyalty, stamina, character etc. and the best part would be that you might already doing it yourself or you are involved into it. One thing is for sure. You are being tested. Figure out your own situation and think it through for the most important thing right now would be to know the truth. Saturn- Jupiter in Aquarius on 17th and 19th and the exact conjunction on 21st December should shed a light on the new frame of the game. Things are not what they seem, dig into essence to find the truth, your happiness is at stake. It’s a karma thing. If you play your cards right you might just get everything. Set up your own bubble and think it through. Above all, enjoy yourself, Rush slowly, Testina Lente.

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