Saturn in Scorpio – Restructuring of Power

Scorpio is natural sign of the 8th house of Zodiac and the analogy is that all the energetic metabolism of existence is basically happening through it. The 8th house represents the basic energetic potential and libido, that is defined as overall psychological,not just sexual, energy, according to K.G.Jung. It is the area of energetic communication between people that is happening in the underlying matrix and that is a specific kind of battlefield where everything we do results in variations in its capacity. Consequently this accumulated amount of energy directly reflects on the financial status i.e. the amount of money that we are capable of obtaining. It is naturally designed process of financial accomplishment due to the natural capability and the energetic capacity of the individual. The 8th house is area of which the ultimate expression in Chinese astrology is represented as the sign of Dragon, denoting altogetherness of nature and universality of human performance that unifies all the skills into a unique power that could be described as omnipotence or omniscience. The entrance of Saturn into the sign of Scorpio that naturally rules this process, signifies the urge for restructuring and control of power on a massive level, psychologically and actually. The ultimate aim of this 2.5-year-transit is learning the lesson of self-control and self-governance for the sake of preservation of our natural and actual power as well as governance of our natural and actual assets. The people with natural Saturn in Scorpio or 8th house, naturally possess the talent for control of one’s own energy and power. They have the natural ability preserve themselves somewhere deep inside and operate with the minimum of energy they allow themselves to invest into matters of relevance. However, it seems that they always possess more than they feel is on their disposal. The lesson this time is exactly to learn to manage one’s own energy from the perspective of wisdom for the sake of well-being and all the modern techniques of energetic self-regulation aim at self-solvent energetic capacity that is the base of a fulfilled life, in accordance to the Holistic principle. All this should result in financial state of well-being in the times of not only financial but energetic crisis, in the world where energy and information are the most expensive goods. Sexuality, as a modus of preservance of health and power gets into spotlight, demanding a conscious outlook on the issue and setting up of the rules one has to obey in order to have good quality of sexual life. Potential sexual disfunction on a more massive level due to discharged energetic power of the 8th house i.e. basic energetic reservoir of the psyche, may be issues to consider with enhanced attention and all the new-age techniques of self-preservation may come into spotlight and draw even more people that need a helping hand. Globally, the issue of restructuring of power, psychologically and actually in the following 2.5 years, implies to the necessity of imposing control over all these issues on both the individual and collective level. Cultures such as Israel or Japan, may be largely challenged to deal with these issues that may result in some particular approach or even new theories or new attitude. It is some sort of Karma, that’s for sure, with the necessity of reconsidering the matter of power restructuring, psychologically along with growing tendencies of self-improvement urge and actually in the sense of financial well-being.
Large turmoils within a psyche on the individual as well as on a massive level, represented by Uranus-Pluto square that require close attention by all means of self-improvement techniques, guided by Jupiter in Gemini, in charge for raising personal awareness, are altogether a new challenge of mankind to overcome all inner frustrations and pressure, starting from self-brooding and coping with all the fears, complexes or prejudice on the way to liberation. That is a first thing on to-do list and the only way of accomplishing fulfillment and control over one’s own life, represented by upcoming Saturn in Scorpio, because only when one learns to govern one’s own assets and resources, psychologically and actually, becomes capable of controlling one’s own life. On a more massive level, the urge for restructuring and control of energy may lead to new set of rules, new frames of mind control or resources exploitation. In one word – restructuring of power.
Namely, all concepts of power are coming into the spotlight in a way that the truth known by Scorpios that true power lies in the knowledge and wisdom, should motivate people to grasp the inner truth about themselves ,on the individual level, by raising personal awareness on the issues of vital importance for survival. It takes a conscious effort to awaken the inner forces of Eros, as the most powerful force of vital importance, and thus make affirmations of creativity and good versus the forces of tanatos and destruction. There is a thin line in the natural drive of Scorpio between the two, so that instead of natural forces running unbound, the control of personal power and the urge for gaining wisdom that is being born due to the healthiest fear ever and that is a fear of God, is the issue to deal with in the years to come. The true freedom is in respecting the rules one sets for oneself and the freedom of spirit and will is a gift from God. Why not make it real.

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